When to consult an urologist

When a male is going through any disease regarding the urinary tract then they will be directed towards the urology doctor in Dubai as they are the professionals in the diseases related to the male urinary and reproductive systems. Women if got any issues related to the conceiving will then go for getting the procedure of IVF Dubai and males will be directed to the urologist. Males can also go directly to a urologist when they find any difficulty during urinating or the general physician will redirect them to any professional urologist in case of the following illnesses:

Urinary Tract Infection: It is often experienced by females but sometimes males will also get this infection which comes from the digestive tract towards the urinary tract. When people will feel pain in their private parts or anomalous urination then they should immediately consult to the urologist. If this disease will go unnoticed for mane days then it will spread to the other parts of the body and result in different diseases and unbearable pain.

Incontinence: It is also a disease which is often experienced by females mostly and less in males. In this disease mind will lose its control over the urinary bladder as a result there will be uncontrolled urine and urine without prior signal. 

Male infertility: As indicated by the name, this disease will be purely for males. There are many reasons behind this disease but the main reason is the enlarged vein behind the penis which will then prevent the normal flow of the sperms and resulting in the male infertility. This enlarged vessel can be removed by the operation but the success rate of this operation is very low. So they will be redirected to the urologist for further treatment in this regard.

Kidney disease: If a person will get sudden swelling in hands and ankles, basically in the joints of the body then it will be a signal for the kidney disease. If a person will get this swelling without any proper reason or get high blood pressure then they need to contact a doctor who will examine properly and then direct them to the urologist if they get the indication of kidney disease. If the kidney disease will not be treated in time then it may lead to kidney failure.


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