What is a G spot?

A common question to ask during educating yourself about your body is that where is your G spot? You can easily get the answer by examining your vagina keenly. But there are also some women who will never find their G spot even after continuing efforts. For these women they can ask their doctors to tell them after examining completely. This examination will not only provide you proper information about your body but also you can get the idea that whether you will need a G-shot or not. Some women want to enhance their sensation so they opt for intimate surgery in which they will get injected in their G spot. This injection will enhance the sensitivity of the G spot area so that they will get more pleasure during intimacy. Before going to an infertility specialist in Dubai people want to get the answers of many questions. Some of the few answers are following:

Is it suitable for everyone? Yes, it is suitable for every woman. You just have to get a detailed checkup from your doctor before going for this procedure so that you will get the exact idea about your body and its requirements.

Does it effect on everyone? It is not confirm that this treatment has desired results on everyone. Some will show more effect than others. They will get the increased sensitivity and more pleasure after this treatment while others will get less effect. There are some women who will not feel any difference at all. So it is not confirmed that this treatment will give you enhanced effect.

What are the pre and post precautions? There are almost no pre and post precautions for this treatment because this is almost harmless to do. You should not have to prepare yourself for anything before going for examination because it is just like your regular examination. After getting the treatment you can resume your work as usual even you can get intimate after few hours because no stiches are involved in this whole procedure.

Does it increase infertility? There is no solid evidence in the support of G-shot being involved in infertility treatment but doctors support this treatment. They support on the basis of pleasure which is felt after getting the G-shot as when you feel happy your body works better.


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