Signs that you should consult a urologist

 Urinary infection is common in both male and female and when there is any kind of infection then people need to consult a urology doctor in Dubai. He will examine thoroughly and then diagnose about the disease. There will be problems in both male and female while trying to conceive and to get them treated they need to go to the fertility clinic Dubai. There is no shame or harm in going to get the treatment because anyone can get ill and infertility is just like any other illness which needs treatment. Here are a few of the signs which you should not ignore and consult a urologist as soon as possible when you get these signs. See here you learn about these signs:

UTI: It is an infection common in females but also appear in males sometimes. It is called as urinary tract infection in which the tubes of urinary tracts of a person will get infected by bacteria. Mostly this infection will come from the digestive tract and the bad bacteria will get in to the urinary tract and infect that area. The main signs of UTI is the pain while urinating, constant itching in the private parts or frequent urination with pain. If you have any of these then go to the urologist as soon as possible and never ignore these sigs. If you ignore them the disease will spread to other parts and may infect the reproductive parts too.

Incontinence: It is another sign of the urinary infection. In this the effected person will get lesser control over the bladder. They will not be able to control the urine and their bladder will stop signaling before they need to go to bathroom. Also they will face the uncontrolled urine amount which means they have to face frequent bathroom trips. Both male and female can have this but it is treatable if detected earlier. 

Male infertility: This will be in males and it will produce due to the enlargement of few or one vein behind the penis. This enlargement will cover the path of the sperms and they will not get with the normal flow. It will create the issue of infertility and the female will be unable to conceive with this male. It is treatable with the help of an operation in which the enlarged vessel will be removed.


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