Quick guide to thyroid diet

There is a small butterfly shaped gland located at the base of our necks which is responsible for maintaining body temperature, heart rate liver problems and a lot more than it is credited for. Sometimes we even forget its existence but when we do remember, it’s mainly through a thyroid problem that has been caused due to different reasons. Someone can either be a prey to hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. First one refers to the lack of thyroid working speed and the second one is the opposite meaning that thyroid is working quicker than usual. Both these situations can be dangerous.

There can be different symptoms and effects of different thyroid related issues on your body. You cannot specify what caused that deficiency and that’s why maintaining healthy vegan diet plans in Dubai can be very useful as it contributes to several risks of different deficiency and follow whichever diet you like such as gluten free diet or vegan diet. Be careful and add a few products to your meal plans so that you are safe and secure from the harmful effects of TH.

First of all, start with iodine. Though most of the meals are filled with iodine considering the iodized salt that is used in most of the households, but by any chance you are not using iodized salt make sure that you find an alternate iodine substance that can fulfil the deficiency in you. Seaweed can be a good start. It is found mostly in sushi but be aware as an excess use of anything can be very harmful. Take everything in a limit and you will be good to go.

Yogurt is full of iodine because of certain survey conducted years ago stated that the animals are being fed iodized food which means that they produce milk that is already iodized and yoghurt is a by product of milk which means that we are getting iodine from low fat yogurt. Researchers say that the amount of iodine that yogurt contains can make up for 50% of your daily intake of iodine which means that you don’t have to worry a lot once you are done with a meal that included yogurt and berries combining for a delicious blend which will surely be enough for you.


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