Things you may not know about Bollywood

Lots of people adjust interested in all the race movies, news and gossips about Bollywood. People watch movies to observe the outfits of hero and heroines.

Bollywood Dubai is overly glamorous. We all know that Dubai is filled with the places for tourism. Most of the Bollywood actors spend their vacations in Dubai.

But about Bollywood that most of the people do not know and even do not consider knowing about. Actually those points are quite important.

So today in this article you will get known about those points of Bollywood which you may not know.

Biggest film industry:

You have several my hairs that Bollywood is the biggest film industry in the whole globe. It has been widely known that Bollywood produce 800 to 1000 films a year. But actual fact is that it is not correct. The Bollywood industry producers many films, but it only produces 150 to 200 movies in a year. According to several Indian resources Telugu and Tamil film industries both caves the similar number of movies in a year.

Flop movies:

You couldn’t have an idea that how much Indian movies get flopped. The success rate of Indian movies is just 15 to 20% in entire year. Most of the movies get flopped. Still the industry has to survive due to some rich resources always ready to invest to produce another movie. The reason for flop movies but also be the same story line.

Printing totals:

The total number of prints created for bigger films is not much. It could be just 500 or so, even with the inclusion of prints send abroad. In contrast to Hollywood they have so much bigger number of prints than Bollywood. Along with this you have to keep in mind that movie theatres in India are much more larger than in America. Indian movie theatre can easily seat almost 2500 people at once.

Script in English language:

Most people do not have idea that most of the Bollywood script added in English language. The screenwriters have to write the script English language and then we have to translate dialogues into Hindi. It is due to the people not having native Hindi. Most of the South Indian movie Hindi get dubbed for the ease of people. Dubbing of movies and script in English makes it easy to understand for everyone.