Subjects that are taught in a nursery

Nursery is the earliest educational stage in a kid’s life so obviously you can not teach the kids about biology, business or chemistry. The subjects covered in this early academic stage are very simple like literacy, mathematics and arts. In the starting months, kids are only taught to interact and communicate with the teachers through different educational activities. Once the kids become familiar with the environment then the teacher starts the training of pencil holding and tracing so that the kids would learn to write as well. This is the common approach which is being followed by every nursery in Dubai.

Being a parent you are responsible to consider and focus on all important aspects before admitting your child any nursery. You will find the best nursery in Jumeirah but if you are living far away then you must consider some nearby nurseries as per your child’s convenience. But make sure that you are choosing EYFS nursery Dubai which means that the nursery is following the protocols of EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). This is because EYFS is responsible to offer appropriate standards of learning and development for kids until the age of 5 years.


This subject is being taught to the kids though various interesting activities like counting their toys or candies, comparing two groups of things and much more. In this way they will learn how to compare and count the things. Usually the kids learn to count on their fingers or pictures in a book. These type of activities seem to be quite interesting for the kids as the teacher is using attractive and colorful objects in front of the children.


Almost every kid loves to play with colors because these colors seems to be quite attractive for a kid. Arts subject is incorporated in the subjects of nursery because through this subject the kids learn to explore their imagination. This proves to be quite beneficial for their mental development as they can color and draw anything. There are no restrictions in this subject which gives a feeling of freedom to the kid.


Apart from math and arts, literacy is also very important for the kids. They must know how to spell, read and learn different words. The teacher starts with teaching individual alphabet so that the kids would be able to recognize them. Meanwhile the teacher also performs various activities like singing songs, coloring the alphabets and much more to help the children in recognizing all the alphabets quickly.


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