Simple steps for relocation to UK from Dubai

There are roughly around 3,905,000 expats currently in the UK, and if you are going through a life-changing decision of moving to the UK yourself or with your family to settle permanently or on short-term basis, there are some rules or tips that should be explored and understood before making a decision for your next big adventure.

Visa Information

First and foremost, no matter where you are from or where you are going, whether it is a short holiday trip or you are moving to UK from Dubai, you must have a valid passport in order to leave and then enter the new country.

The visa you require depends completely on your circumstance, whether you are moving because you have been offered a job, or you are re-locating to make a fresh with your family. This specific information could be easily found on the government’s website where it will tell you which visa you need to apply for, the requirements and criteria, and finally the fees.

Relocation and accommodation

Once you decide on all the legal requirements and you are granted a visa, the next major thing on your list is packing all your belongings and valuables and moving them with you to your new home. International relocation companies Dubai can be of utmost help from arranging your visa to moving your valuable for you as well as helping you in settle in by providing their support line. You can use a comparison website to see which relocation company will suit you the best in all the aspects and their credibility. Word of advice, you will need to sign a transfer of residence form for custom officials to calculate how much you owe them.

Bank account and National Insurance

Opening a bank account can prove to be difficult as you will need to open an account after you have relocated. It requires proof of address; you will need to have a tenancy agreement or a letter from an official source with your address on it. You would require national insurance number for social security purposes, and UK tax system. Your UK employer uses this number to process your tax details and complete your details on their system.

Settling In

With the correct form of help and guidance, this great big spontaneous move might not seem too overwhelming. Make sure you have enough information and research of the areas around you and where to get items for your daily necessities. One way to find a social circle is to sign up to expat groups in the UK to find people who have been in the country for a while and can offer you advice on their first hand experience, or fellow expats who are in the same boat as you so you can help each other.


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