Quick Guide to gears and their importance

We all love gearing up our cars. But have you ever thought why a change in gears is important in order to speed up the cars? Or pondered over the question that why your engine would deny to start up on high gears?

The reason why a car needs to be started from the first gear is that it requires a smaller engine to start from, letting us use the engine to its maximum efficiency. Let’s start with clearing the basic concepts first. When you pull a door open and it rotates on its axis, that force is known as Torque, thus a force that rotates any body is called torque.

To explain the concept of starting the cars from first gear let’s look at an example. Have you ever noticed that on childhood when you had to get you bike in motion, at the initial steps you had to stand up and apply a higher amount of force on the paddles to get them rotating and after that, you would sit comfortably and ride the back in a normal speed and normal force than which was required earlier

This is exactly the case with engines. It requires a minimum amount of .force to start from and that is provided through the first gear.

Something which you must know is that, torque is directly proportional to the speed of engine. We know this all might sound confusing but it is actually very simple. When the torque is high, speed of engine is low and when the torque is low, speed of engine is high. The reason why this is so important is that, when the engine is rotating at high speed, it can’t rotate the wheels itself, whereas, if the engine is running at a low speed it can finley take care of the motion of wheels. This is the reason why several cars don’t stop right at the moment when the brake is pressed causing accidents. You must get your gearbox repair Dubai in case you face some unforeseen circumstances from the Al Quoz garage located near you.

Now that your car has started at the minimum torque required, you can increase the speed of your car and move to the second gear.


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