Debunking POS System Myths

Myths have existed since the existence of human life and yes it is true that myths surround even a technology such as POS UAE. We need to get out this notion from our minds that myths are only associated with beauty products and health care etc – a myth in a myth. Here we will be debunking common myths that revolve around POS systems and see which ones are false.

  • POS systems are expensive

Yes it is true that POS systems used to be expensive – in past form. When they were introduced earlier they came with a long list of hardware which was supposed to be purchased so that the system could work accurately. Hardware them self individually was not expensive but obviously it cost more when it was paired with dozens of different hardware. Then they had to be upgraded along with the changing world which meant the old desktops were not useable anymore. But this has changed. When you go to buy a POS system today it is very affordable and convenient to use this makes it cheaper than filling registers and wasting paper as well as storage space. You can compare the prices and you will be shocked to see the technology will be saving you a lot of money and trouble.

  • You don’t need to upgrade the old school method

People said this about mails, floppy disks, typewriters and then they had to upgrade to emails, airdrop and computers – look where that got us. It is not always right to stick with your ancestors’ methods of keeping track of how many water bottles were sold today. If humans hadn’t adapted to evolution then we wouldn’t have reached to the era when most of the huge business deals happen online. We all have to leave the old school methods behind one day to match the pace of fast globalizing world so that we are not lost somewhere in the race when everyone kept moving forward you were taking a step backward with those old cash registers.

These are the most common myths that we hear people arguing about. Make sure that you decide very carefully about POS systems and of they are useful for you and your business or not.

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