Common problems associated with tinted windows

3m tinting in Dubai or car window tinting in Dubai makes your car look more appealing and elegant. It not only upgrades your car look but also provide protection against UV radiations. It also protects the interior of the car as well as keeps your car cool. Since tinted windows provide extra comfort, it is necessary to maintain and clean these windows. Such tinted windows should be cleaned differently form no tinted windows. As people forget or ignore the use of right product on tinted windows resulting in the peeling off and damage of tint. Cleaning products constituting ammonia should not be used for the cleaning of tinted windows and also smooth fabric should be used. 

Here is the list of problems that car owners with tinted windows encounter and how you can solve them:

  • Hard water spots is one the problem that is faced by drivers of either tinted or non tinted windows. There are number of reasons which cause the formation of hard water spots. Mostly in winter due to constant exposure of windows to water content. The winter content consists of calcium and magnesium and other trace elements. Water evaporate eventually by depositing these minerals which are super concentrated. Deposition of such trace elements compromises the visibility through glass windows. Water spots are also formed by the deposition of soap, contaminants and acid rains. They deposition substance is mostly alkali and for its removal acid is required. The car owners with non tinted windows can use acid cleaners but owners of tinted windows should not use cleaners with ammonia in it. As ammonia damages the film of tint. 
  •  Bubbles and air pockets  are also seen on tinted windows that are formed by the poor job of the shop that installed it. Common things like card can be used to push the air bubble out. But if the air bubble is hard it should be shown to the shop who installed it at the first place. 
  • Another problem faced by tinted window car drivers is blur or hazy vision. It could be due to number of reasons. Dust, fingerprints and ash can deposit on the tinted film or because the tint life has expired. On deposition of dust particle one should clean the screens and if the tint is expire then the plastic in film will distort causing blurriness.
  • Tinted film cause restricted visibility in poor light condition. I f a dark tint film is applied on car windows and screen then driving at night is a complete risk. One could not see the cars moving around clearly. Thus certain rules in each state are applied about using the darkness range of tint film which will lower the risk of accidents.


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