Habits of clean house owners

You must look at your neighbor’s place and wonder how two homes with completely same house layouts could look so different just by being so messy. You hear their kids playing around and they are rarely home to have several hours to clean it with all their energy, so how do they manage in keeping things clean? The answer lies in all the secret habits that they don’t share but we have decoded them from the experience of leading cleaning materials suppliers in Dubai.

Let’s start with the first and simplest task; making bed. This may seem like a time waster but that is wrong. Ignore all the mess around and make your bed. You will see a significant difference in the room and almost 30% of cleaning is compressed of cleaning bed. You may think that the next time when you sit on it, bed will be completely destroyed again. But tell us, when you wake up and get dressed for work, how long will you be away from home, at least half a day, right? In that period of time your house bed will be untidy and this is one place everyone looks forward to at the end of a stressful day but you cripple down when you see that one and only place you were waiting for most is not clean.

Next comes laundry. It is so frustrating to look at your closet and find every piece of clothing to be in laundry. This is the moment when everything dawns down on you and you realize that it is that day of month when you have to do the laundry. A small tip that can help you in saving your long dreadful laundry day is by doing laundry every day. We know that just sounds worse but trust us when you won’t have to worry about pile of clothes sitting there waiting for you, it will give you more strength and courage to help you in making things easier for you.

Another tip is to prioritize things. When you are on a run but still need the house to be clean and tidy that’s when you need to prioritize things. Sort the main cleaning first and leave the ones which can wait. You must make a mental note of 3-4 cleaning tasks that needs to be done in course of a single day. This way, you won’t be running around leaving things half cleaned and not being able to focus on any task. You should also use a pressure washer in Dubai.

If you don’t live alone then you are blessed to have extra pair of hands. Assign each task to every family member even if it is a toddler so that they understand the importance of cleaning and you get help. You can either ask everyone to clean their own rooms or make them help you by getting them to dust and clean small portions. You can have a fun family cleaning day and later order pizza and enjoy the fun little activity and cleaning at the same time.


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