Top WordPress Hosting Services of all time

WordPress is a service that is used worldwide. It is used by marketing agencies like Cloud innovators solution or it is used by IT solution provider in Dubai. People planning on professional blogging might have access to the service. Such people are usually always in search of various new web hosting services that are providing new and various services to them. Some of hosting services are:

talking about Bluehost, it is the most recognized hosting service provider. It is because it provides a great number of advantages and benefits to the users in the world of web hosting. Such as:

  • It provides free domain name 
  • Here SSl is also free, which is always a plus point 
  • It also may provide a 60 % discount. 

Other than all this the web hosting service also has 

  • A load period of 689ms
  • The uptime is extended to 99.99 percent 
  • In the last it provides great support to its users. 

Site Ground:
in the case if one is looking for a fast service and also which is secure to work on, then you should be probably look at the packages Site Ground has to offer. 

It is known as the fasted WordPress service provider. It provides you with:

  • Active security service.
  • A high-speed technology
  • It also provides special WordPress features which one may not find elsewhere. 
  • Also, it provides data centres in various locations. 

This service is however a little on the expensive side. But on the other hand, it provides features such as:

  • 100 percent provision 
  • A load time of 649 ms 
  • Also, an uptime of 99.98 percent 

Somehow these benefits may not be easy to be ignored. 

looking on the inexpensive side one may find great service by the well-known providers, the host gator.  It not only saves a few dollars to your wallet but also gives some very good new features. It is the one which is affordable in the world of WordPress hosting services, but also provides:

  • It provides coupons and discounts.
  • There is also a money back guarantee under some conditions. 
  • Various affordable and great plans for the users.

Also, it gives various plans for SEO, which is a great use for bloggers

Whereas the cons of HostGator are:

  • The users do not get free domain names
  • Some users specially the beginners may find it hard to use 
  • The most important point to be noted is that it does not provide the users with SSD storage.

So, these are a few WordPress hosting services which are used by IT service provider, Dubai has so many clients of it, and marketers to improve their business and work.


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