World’s most expensive and luxurious kitchens

There are many modern kitchen companies that help you in building the dream kitchen that you need. There are many expensive kitchens in the world and they use lavish materials like gold and marble with expensive chandeliers.. Each kitchen company gives a unique look and uses such kind of materials and designs that each kitchen is different and customized.

Here is a list of some of the most expensive and luxurious kitchens:

  • The Corcoran group is a real estate firm that is offering a kitchen that consists of quartz kitchen island. Also, it has the best designers’ cabinets in it by Paul Evans. The kitchen is a part of a million-dollar penthouse that have exquisite decorative pieces. It has glass counter top with aluminium cabinets. The chandelier installed there is by Magna of London. The kitchen also consists of a button that will close the kitchen in case of gathering.
  • Sotheby’s international realty is a real estate brand that offers the most luxurious and expensive properties. It is offering a chateau property that has a monochrome kitchen. It has Italian marble and the walls are imported from Germany. It consists of a French style cooker Hood and its fridge is adjusted in the wooden cabinets.
  • Christie’s International realty States is offering a penthouse in time warner centre. It is available in the market for 75 million dollars and its kitchen is very unique. The countertops in the kitchen made up of from Alba Chiara and the cabinets are from polyform.
  • Williams and Williams real estate group sold a mansion for 75 million dollars. The property is located in Bel air. The mansion consists of 9 bedrooms, 15 washrooms and one elegant kitchen. The cabinetry of kitchen is wooden with grey marble countertops. The kitchen has elegant glass fronted display for the featuring of crockery.
  • In concierge auctions a royal mansion was sold in Florida. It has 11 bedrooms with the most gorgeous and royal kitchen. The kitchen has mahogany cabinets with gold frames. It has 3 gigantic chandeliers to give a perfect royal look.
  • Electrolux offers kitchens that are modern and have all the modern technology. This brand is supported by most of the Michelin starred chefs as they prefer Electrolux kitchens. These kitchens have integrated touch technology in all their appliances. All the appliances are chromium and have automated settings for a wide range of recipes.  

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