What comprises of traditional Turkish houses

Over the course of last twenty years or so, Turkey has renovated and reinvented their homes. Adding all bits of modern technology and alongside luxury furniture Dubai and different countries to incorporate in their culture as a result of which, its old and traditional place has gained more popularity as the iconic turnkey interiors and status. Here we have list down a few traditional interiors that are still found in preserved in the historical homes.

  • Turkish Architect

Unfortunately the original architect of Turkey is not used anymore. The only way to see its architect is through the preserved places. What is gathered from them is the two main factors that influenced the design and structure of places back in the olden days. Majority of the houses were seen to be built from stone and wood – the main reason for this was the budget restrictions that people had back in the day leading them to use the materials that were found in abundance. 

  • Turkish Interiors

The interiors of the house have a different story to tell. If we take a look at the iconic Turkish houses we realize that from the ornaments to furniture, everything was built by keeping the culture in mind. We can see two or more generations continue living in the same house as the communal room speaks about the warmth that the families shared throughout the years. Even the layout of the kitchen tells the story about different traditions and foods that it has lived through.

  • Turkish caves known as homes

The central region of Turkey known as Cappadocia has a quite unique style of housing as the craftsmen did some brilliant work by not simply crafting out from the natural resources in fact crafting something in it. If you visit the place you will see the beautiful exterior of the houses carved in the caves where people actually live. If you buy one of the cave houses and decide to renovate it, there are some guidelines and rules that you must follow as stated by the government to preserve its historical element. All in all, it’s a sight to behold and praise from afar, the beautiful work of craftsmen and their dedication which lead to the traditional Turkish home still there to be praised.


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