Even with all the effort and funding that goes in brain science, we still haven’t learned all that there is to know about the brain. From what we do know, and I more simple terms, the brain is a complex structure of electrical circuits and chemistry.

Out of all the chemicals there are four better known substances that are created in the body that signal i.e. give you the ‘feel good’ feeling. These are called neurochemicals and the most common ‘feel good chemicals’ are Serotonin, Oxytocin, Dopamine ad Endorphins.

Individually, they all play their part in creating the happiness we feel, but the main happy substance is Dopamine. Reduced production in these chemicals has been shown to lead to general feeling of sadness, lack of energy and even depression. In such cases, the doctor will probably rush off to prescribe some big pharma approved drugs to get you back on track.

An example of this are antidepressants, who have been shown to have even worse after – effects and can lead to addiction. There are, however, 6 proven things you can do to up your happiness level naturally and without the use of drugs.

  1. Working out

he brain is very quick to react to any physical activity we take on. It quickly released happiness substances like Endorphin, Dopamine and Serotonin. Immediately you start to feel better, your skin is glowing, you smile and have an overall more positive appearance.

  1. Say NO To Addiction

Addiction change the essential chemical structure of your brain. In such cases, Dopamine levels suffer and start to decrease. This will lead the brain to believe that only with the abuse of that substance, you can feel happier and more alive. Think alcohol, cigarettes, gaming, etc

  1. Cleanse your body

The body never stops working, so in time it naturally collects waist and toxic leftovers that sometimes cannot be filtered out completely. Try one or two of the humorous detox diets to clean your body and you will see an improvement in your mood and happiness.

  1. Music

As If we needed to include this, right? Music is well known to improve mood and relieve stress. On a brain level, the combination of sounds releases the production and release of dopamine which in turn makes for a happier person in a better mood.

  1. Set goals and then complete them.

There is something about the human brain that has a very positive attitude setting goals and, of course, achieving them. This is strongly linked to achievements, progress and even developing your own identity in your social circles. Start by saving some money.

Over time you will feel even better as your savings start growing. At the end, with some persistence, you will have achieved a set goal and ended up with some money on the side. Ii really is a win – win.

  1. Mind you Tyrosine levels.

Tyrosine is an amino acid with a strong role in the production of dopamine in the brain. Without it, the body will be in a severe chemical disbalance so some of the good food to consume to keep Tyrosine at ideal levels are chocolate and particularly dark chocolate, green tea and almonds.

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