rh negative blood aliens

Modern medicine has categorized human blood in four types: A, B, AB and O blood type. The main difference in blood types is related to the presence of protein in each individual type, however, RH negative blood type makes for an interesting exception, as this type does not have proteins.

Popular in internet media culture, there are several theories about the reason behind such protein deficiency and one theory suggests origins from another world. In other words, people with such a blood type, which constitute about 15% of the human population might be from a different planet.

Theories like this go far and beyond in their explanations but one thing is for certain: people with this blood type have some unique characteristics. First off, there is the matter of blood donations and this blood type can help any other blood type. They are compatible throughout the blood scale, with everybody. However, unfortunately for them, they are very limited in their compatibility for receiving blood, as only their own type can help. Geographically, even though they represent a solid percentage of the human population, they are mostly situated in the north of Europe.

The initial question of origins, however, still remains unanswered. Scientists from the fields of genetics, biology and archaeology have inspected history 35,000 back and people with this blood type seem to be related to a narrow group of tribes and territories in Europe.

There are common physical characteristics to be considered, like a generally lower than average body temperature, red hair, above average sensitivity to high temperatures and green or blue eyes. Also, there are claims of possessing more physical and emotional awareness. Alien origins theories are further fueled by the circumstances surrounding the pregnancies of RH negative women. Namely, these women have a hard time delivering an RH positive child as their body naturally tries to kill the child.

Only through timely medical intervention can such a birth take place and ensure the safety of the baby. This is a very strange situation from a medical point of view, given that nature has created all the necessary conditions for the partial development and birth of a human child. With this now we know of an exempt of this natural rule, with a body trying to end a life it was built to create.

The fact of the matter remains that at this point we know only what science has examined and researched, which fortunately or unfortunately leaves a significant gap in knowledge for the alien conspiracy theories to find their place in online discussion forums and blogs.

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  1. I am not sure but that Rh negative blood should mostly be situated in the north of Europe. Are true in one was but false in another. Where you have most Rh negative blood, is in the Basque region (borders beteween Spain & France). Where they are 35% Rh negative blood & 60% Rh negative genetiv carriers.

    Rh- O can give to all but can take only its own
    Rh- A can give to A & AB but can only take from A & O
    Rh- B can give to B & AB but can only take from B & O
    Rh- AB can give only to AB but can take from from O, A, B, AB

  2. HMMMM……

  3. I know that if your blood type is RH- if you donate plasma they pay more

  4. I have neither blue or green eyes. I do not have red hair and I live in the USA. I also have A- blood type. Two of my three children also have A- blood for which I received rho gam for after their birth. Could having A-blood be the reason for me having a miscarriage two years after having my second child? I did have another baby 4 years after the miscarriage who was a premie but healthy after a difficult pregnancy.

  5. People believe angels had relationships with human women before the flood. Because they are referred to as sons of God. However if you read the lineage from Adam he was the son of God and other people weren’t. So that’s not about angels who don’t have sex but simply Gods sons having relationships with the daughters of men. Jesus referred to himself as the son of God and the son of Man

    1. Incorrect. The chapter in Genesis refers to fallen angels – demons. The Nephilim. This caused there to be giants in the land. Goliath was one such giant. Goliath had five brothers, all as big as him. The giants were a direct result of this horrible thing and this is why God ordered them all destroyed. They were superhuman and would have seemed alien to others.

    2. I heard it was Santa’s children. Santa referred to himself as Jolly old Man. He can go around the globe super fast and i bet he has lots of GF on his travels.

    3. Great thoughts. I hadn’t put that together quite like that. I didn’t take it literally as spoken, as in Son of God, but after reading Ezekiel took it more as alien space travelers in the implied sense.

    4. Not just angels. FALLEN ANGELS, Nephilim, perhaps the Anunnaki. Goliath that David in the Bible was a Philestine, a giant, descended from the Nephilim. Brien Forrester has done a lot of research in Peru on the red-headed mummies found there.
      “Recent excavations in the Tarim Basin in Xinjiang province have uncovered more than 100 naturally mummified corpses of people who lived there between 4,000 and 2,400 years ago, indicating that the Aryan race of red and blonde hair with blue eyes lived in this area at one time.

      The bodies were amazingly well preserved by the arid climate, and according to the New York Times:
      “…archaeologists could hardly believe what they saw.”

      The mummies had long noses and skulls, blond or red hair, thin lips, deepest eyes, and other unmistakably Aryan features. Dr. Victor H. Mair of the University of Pennsylvania said,
      “Because the Tarim Basin Caucasoid corpses are almost certainly representatives of the Indo-European family, and because they date from a time period early enough to have a bearing on the expansion of the Indo-European people from their homeland, it is thought that they will play a crucial role in determining just where that might have been.”

    5. Weird people think that..

    6. JESUS? Very insightful and I don’t disagree. Yet the use of JESUS referring to the messiah shows lacking of deeper in depth knowledge beyond the programmed status quo. HE would have never been called JESUS by those who gave him the name or wete there by his side. Dig deeper. On the right, wrong by the powers that be, path though. Kudos.

    7. Ronnie Adam is not the son of God, he was created by God. As for the angels, yes the fallen angels that followed lucifer had sex with human women. Angels are not God’s sons either. They were also created by God.

    8. You are ignorant.

    9. I am with you on your comment towards the RH negative blood and in the bible. I am also RH negative and I have read a comment that also related to the bible and I think that we, who are RH negative and when we become pregnant that we can’t carry a baby unless we get a shot during the pregnancy and after cause we’re not able to carry the serpent seed and that were a pure bloodline to Jesus .The Bible relates to Noah and how his blood is very rare and is part of Adam and if you put everything together with the bible it makes sense. I don’t believe that were from another planet and we have superpowers. I have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and I will not be deceived by any means and it’s all about having Jesus in our hearts and minds and soul and He gives us all gifts for us to use and spreading truth about the real world we are living on. I’m in the world but not of the world. God bless you and your family

    10. Fallen angels had sex with human women and then gave birth to giants.and Adam was married to Lilith before he got with eve.

    11. I have always felt I was different. I never knew my genes on my biological fathers side . But, I was so drawn to Celtic designs, Irish lands & fairies. Soon, I found out I am Irish more than 25% . Also, I am bipolar w/ manic depression. I have never felt I belonged on earth. I have been saved by an angel b4 when I was a kid lost in the woods. I have had many near death experiences.

    12. Before you print the “lineage of Adam”, I suggest you read the entire story of Adam and Eve. It’s been printed and is available in most libraries all over the world, and is the most popular book ever printed, called the Bible. Adam was created by God, as was Eve. It’s a really fascinating book that covers centuries and centuries of the wonders of God and his son Jesus. I’ve been reading this book almost all my life, and I learn more and more from it every time I pick it up. One thing that you should know though is that Jesus was the one and only son of God. He was put on earth with a purpose, and that purpose is to save each and every human being, so that we can spend eternity with him in Heaven once we leave this plane here on earth. He asks only that we confess our sins to Him and ask for his forgiveness, and then have faith, and believe that he will forgive us. I am not very good at telling someone the story of God and Jesus or explaining the Bible, I just know what he has done for me, and how he has made my life wonderful. If you don’t know God, I suggest you at least check Him out, read his ‘book’, and keep an open mind. I’m sorry if I got a little carried away here…. it’s just my favorite subject, and I tend to run on and on. God bless you and yours. 😀

    13. They were called the Nephilim they were not Gods,they took the daughters of man.They corrupted the dna.4000 years bc,they came and modded their new slave.Creators of those who call themselves Gods people.They are not.God does not use prophets.Have no name before or after his name.On the walls of the place called the Sumners now modern day it is called Iraq.Is a story of the folks who came from above,and the corruption they instilled on this planet.Research Anunnaki,Look for Zecharia Sitchen,read all of his books.He is the guy who transcribed the tablets that were found in the vaults written in cuneiform,which is the oldest known language to man at this date.The british stole them from the site and put them in storage since 1840.He started transcribing them,and the tale of our true history is now known.All the firsts start here,39 of the most important rituals to create a modern society .Research Anunnaki it will change everything for your mindset.

    14. Some now believe based on the writings in the Book of Enoch that the rh negative factor was the blood factor at the time of creation and that Satan and his angels bred w mankind thus introducing the rh positive factor with a protein so it saying that rh factor negative came from fallen angels is a bit silly as it could just as easily been the rh factor positive. So, it just goes to say that there is a protein on the surface of the blood cell that the rh factor negative individual reacts severely to seeing it as foreign in an unborn child and with the mixing of blood then rejects the fetus but only if the blood mixes… It’s strange but we don’t know enough about it to make a good guess or judgement..

    15. The bible is fiction, so it doesn’t matter or factor into reality. Also, according to the TWO totally different, contradictory, and separate lineages of jesus in the bible, they prove his lineage to his father, joseph, but since he was NOT the father, it proves he is NOT the messiah. Try a different set of fictional tales that makes more sense, like Harry Potter.

    16. Uh your theory fails since according to the Adam myth, all men come from Adam. You should probably do some actual theological reseach before posting next time. Like studying the book of Enoch that the Church try to hide.

    17. Yeah, too bad Jesus never existed and more and more people are realizing religion is made-up, brainwashing BS. Not everyone’s stupid enough to believe the Adam and Eve myth.

    18. But it also talks about the giants in the Promised Land that Moses was to take the Israelites into after their escape from Egypt. He sent spies into the Promised Land to check it out and they came back saying it was filled with giants, the sons of Anak, (or the Annanaki). Now the Annanaki, according to some ancient writings, were the sons and daughters of the Angels that guarded the Earth, but saw the daughters of men and lusted after them. They came down to the earth, giving up the divine nature for physical bodies and mated with these women, thus producing the giants of the Annanaki. These giant beings were called the Elohim, meaning Angels. The sons of Anak is talked about in a brief paragraph in Numbers 13 and the very end of the chapter. Angels are gigantic beings.

    19. There was a flood?

    20. they are the nephilum and the eloim…

    21. Very interesting information Ronnie …would you care to share more …..

    22. An angel is nothing more than “a messenger”.

    23. Jesus is also called the second Adam because He came to rectify Adam’s sin….

    24. Ronnie…Are you saying people with the RH factor blood are the off spring of Angels and Humans or are you saying people with RH factor are descendants of Jesus????

    25. That has never been determined he is the son of God he was made from God where did you her theory??

    26. All men are sons of God, as are all angels and demons. Demons have been disowned because, they are the fallen angels and those ones, had relations with the women of Noah’s day and their off spring were destroyed in the flood with all creation, except for Noah and his sons and their wives.

    27. It would t be possible considering angels did not have the organs available to copulate. The only way it would be possoble is the alien theories of breeding. So an angel could lay with a human

    28. The Nephilim were destroyed in the Flood of Noahs day. None of the children of those wicked angels survived. Only the right people that entered the Ark. They were all human.

    29. Ronnie, there are many versions of the bible (One has to wonder why god’s “perfect” word has so many versions).

      What are these versions based on? Are they based on each other so that Version C is “translated” from Version B, which came from Version A?

      Or are each version translated from the original text?

      Find any biblical version* you wish of Genesis 6 that explicitly states “sons of god” are in fact man.

      I’ve found one version that explicitly states they were supernatural beings.

      The Contemporary English Version (CEV) of the bible shows Genesis 6 this way:

      1-2 More and more people were born, until finally they spread all over the earth. Some of their daughters were so beautiful that supernatural beings[angels] came down and married the ones they wanted. 3 Then the Lord said, “I won’t let my life-giving breath remain in anyone forever. No one will live for more than one hundred twenty years.”

      4 The children of the supernatural beings who had married these women became famous heroes and warriors. They were called Nephilim and lived on the earth at that time and even later.

      5 The Lord saw how bad the people on earth were and that everything they thought and planned was evil. 6 He was very sorry that he had made them, 7 and he said, “I’ll destroy every living creature on earth! I’ll wipe out people, animals, birds, and reptiles. I’m sorry I ever made them.”

      All this right before the flood story.

      So if you’re going to quote mythology, at least get the mythology right and present it in such manner.

      *biblegateway(.com) is a great source to view different versions. Biblehub(.com) will show you one verse on the screen from many versions at once.

    30. Over the past three or so decades there have been strongly debated theories of perceptions of “Devine” conceptions which gave life to gifted humans were actually sexual encounters with ET’s performing genetic engineering on human abductees. Read Eric Von Dennikan’s “Chariots of the Gods”.

    31. sorry to say angels from the holy bible are all men, the bible is a massive sexist trap, as a person with a rh negative blood type i can tell you that i heal faster than normal people, cuts, muscle pulls and sprains. i cannot brake bones always been a very good athlete making to to semi professional teams in football and ruby. there was a interesting article i read last month that suggest most rh negative peaple come from andorra which is in the pyrenees mountains, the population is 44,00 but 60% of people there are rh negative

    32. Wrong! The ‘sons of God’ were once angels but then turned into demons once they (one third of heaven’s host) warred against Jesus and the other angels. Defeated, they and Satan (once called Lucifer) were thrown down to the earth and the Bible warns “woe to you on earth…”
      It is these demons who created children with female humans creating what the Bible refers to as “giants”, “men of old, of repute”.
      Personally I believe that that is where the legends of Hercules etc come from

    33. Erm… isn’t this article supposed to be about science, not fantasy?

    34. Adam and Eve had 3 sons. So where did the rest of the people come from?

    35. “Ronnie” has hit precisely in the crux (no pun) of the matter; anciently, the “sons of God,” as Genesis 6 called them, descended, married and then sired children by Human females…in an attempt to “repair the rift of separation, there from the beginning…” (Gospel of Philip) between Male and Female preventing men from being emotionally, spiritually and sexually equal with females, who are superior to normal Human males in all three of these key areas. It was also Jesus’ true mission, as well.

      The Gospel of Thomas, the oldest of all the Gospels (written mid-First Century CE) has Jesus declaring that when Male stops acting Male and Female stops acting Female, there is the Kingdom of Heaven…that he (Jesus) is from Equality (stated in response to Salome’s question immediately after the two had had sex in her bed and somehow surprised her so greatly she exclaimed to him, “who art thou, as though sent from someone?” And to which he replied, “I am he who is from Equality, I have been given such of my father.” And who was his father? That’s right: a heavenly man who…like the same as of old…those who descended and mated with Human females and sired children who became “the heroes as of old, men of renown” (Genesis 6:2-4)…just as was Jesus who taught and practiced a far-higher degree of emotional and spiritual capacity. What is not found in the canonical gospels, sadly, because it has been whitewashed from history by those who betrayed Jesus, was his equally greater sexual capacity that also matched that of females and attracted them to him, including…but not limited to…Mary Magdalene, his first wife.

      This topic is exceptionally deep…and spans the entire history of our species on this planet…and can be found even more extensively recorded in the origins of both Sumer and Egypt, both founding civilizations recording the advent of a small group of “gods and goddesses” who led and taught Humankind and established civilization and the “kingship” of their descendants. These celestial visitors were called the “Annuna” (sons of God) by the Sumerians and “Shemsu Hot” (sons/children of the God Horus) by the Egyptians.

      …and that’s as far as I feel comfortable sharing.

    36. God made Adam from the dirt of the earth and called him His child. He did not make Adam from His own DNA. He made Eve from Adam’s rib, making her from man, not dirt, and yet, as Adam came from the dirt of the earth, Eve was also from the earth. All mankind came from both. I don’t remember reading in the bible anywhere that Angels had relations with women (I’m not saying it isn’t there, I’m saying I don’t ever remember reading that. Please let me know where to find it.) I believe I read somewhere that the “Fallen Angels” did, but that’s not the same thing. They were no longer God’s Angels. As for my Lord Jesus, yes, He was both from God and mankind. He was the son of God and the son of Mary. The Greatest Man who ever lived and in a very short time, changed the world and still does.

      1. Read the book of Enoch

  6. Yes, I understand about this RH blood . Thank you for sharing today. I am going to safe this page.

  7. I would like to know more about this RH blood testing. Thank you for sharing.

  8. This article regarding people that are RH negative is really off. I am RH neg and I don’t have red hair or blue/green eyes. Just the opposite..I’m a brunette with brown eyes. The one thing I found interesting though was it said we have more emotional awareness and I found this to be true.
    And it really is a mystery why our bodies try to kill off the fetus…I never understood this and frankly it kind of freaks me out yikes lol. Thank goodness for modern medicine huh?!

  9. I was born in Bermuda AB and O RH factor with severe yellow jaundice on May 22 1962.
    Within two days they airvac me to the United States (Montgomery Alabama) for a complete blood transfusion to save my life!
    I have always been attached to animals and used to have premonitions all the time!
    Maybe your article has some truth to it!

  10. My mother was RH Negative, I, born of her, am RH Positive… Never heard of any difficulties with her carrying me to term. She only mentioned she could only eat apples every day and I of course, not only dislike apples but have a slight allergy to them.

  11. I have the RH NEGATIVE blood type. Although i live in the U.S. was born here. I have brown hair and brown eyes. Twelve years ago i became pregnat at the age of 17. At a week before my 8 month i became sick with phonominia and almost died. However my baby was just fine i was in the icu for a week a half. When i got well and they were gonna release me the next day the nurse came to check my babys heartbeat and there wasnt one. The autopsy report came back normal. They never could explain to me as to why my baby all the sudden died. At five month i was given the shot to make sure that when i went into labor i wouldnt bleed to death which i didnt. So i had to be induced and deliever my stillborn son. Now reading this I have a better understanding as to what could have killed my unborn child.

  12. Umm. Expand on this please

    1. I’d like to expand on your request, G, if I may. Before the flood of Noah, the Bible mentions that some fallen angels “went into the daughter’s of men” and the women gave birth to giants. Those offspring were called Nephelim (sp.) but they would have died in the flood of Noah’s day. However, after the flood that killed all but Noah (whose generations or genetics were “perfect,” meaning entirely human), his wife, and their sons and dil’s, there were later born of their sons and daughters descendants so-called “men of reknown” who were “mighty men of old.” Nimrod, who tried to build the Tower of Babel was one of several, who were considered giants, as were the Nephelim. Goliath the giant, whom David killed, and Goliath’s 4 brothers were also giants. Either Noah’s wife or one of the wives of Noah’s sons (who were probably triplets) might have carried some of that fallen angel DNA, hence the reappearance of post-flood giants. Those were not fallen angels, or the Nephelim. Just some tall men who carried contaminated DNA. Lots of info on Youtube about that whole issue. There’s nothing “alien” about the RH blood type. All blood types became contaminated after the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden. Just another genetic rarity, as are many others.
      People ought to also note the weird quote in the piece: “With this now we know of an exempt of this natural rule, with a body trying to end a life it was built to create.” I had to say “ha!” to that. Women often end the life their body was built to create. It’s called abortion. Check out Perry Stone on the subject on youtube. There are others, but look through his videos. I know he has spoken about the “days of Noah,” etc.

    2. This is still something to ponder, only 15% of the population is this blood type. All from mainly one region?? If that’s not something to think about something wrong with everyone who reads the article. Body tries to kill it’s BBY without medical intervention!!!!!

    3. Read Genesis: chapter 6. it becomes self explanatory.

    4. He is referring to the Nephilim.

    5. I still fail to see what evidence there is that proves RH- is from another world. It seems way more likely that it is just another variation due to evolutionary factors.

    6. Fact…every book in the bible contradicts the one before it..the people may have. Been real enough but the stories were embelished..so. pls don’t use that book to prove a point..it just doesnt

    7. I immediately. thought of those scriptures too in Genesis (chip.12). Go to a library and check out The Book of Enoch. You will find the story of the Sons of God in it. They asked God to come to earth to teach humans how to live (angels). Instead they changed themselves and took human women as wives. The resulting super human offspring is where Greek mythology actually came from. God told Enoch to write the book. Enoch never died. He was transkated_God took him 🙂 🙂 :-).

  13. Not all true. I am RH Negative. Brown Eyes and Brunette hair.

  14. The article on RH negitive blood type was very interesting, except the alien part. I’m RH neg. And the only problem I’ve had so far is I had to get a shot when I had my kids. Still don’t understand it completely. I do think I need to donate blood more often

  15. And this was published in what peer reviewed journal?

  16. I am R H negative and none of my children are, and my husband wasnt. My cousin Stephanie was. I have blue eyes and my gr grandfather was a red head and there are red heads in our family.

  17. This article is a bunch of crap. First off…ABO and Rh antigens are two completely different things. You’re talking about a bunch of different proteins. There’s an “A”, “B” and “D” protein (antigen). Anyone who has a “negative” blood type lacks Rh (which is medically the “D” antigen (protein)), so A-, B-, AB-, O-…yep, they’re all Rh negative.
    If you are blood type “A (pos or neg), you have the “A” protein expressed
    If you are type “B” (pos or neg) you have the “B” protein expressed
    If you are type “AB” you have both the A and B proteins expressed
    If you are type “O” you express neither the A or B proteins.
    If you are any of these with a (+) behind it…the above is true plus you express the D protein, making you Rh positive in addition to your ABO type.
    The only blood type that has neither A, B or D antigens is O neg blood.

  18. I am Rh Negative A.

  19. This story is crazy.

  20. My mother, from Zurich, Switzerland, was RHneg. she lost one child before me (still birth). Had me, I am not RHn. then went on to have 7 subsequent pregnancies, all resulting in miscarriage. She was told the miscarries were due to here blood type.
    my question is… how did I manage to survive?
    ps: I have pre birth memories!

  21. I am an RH negative woman born in the United States. I have brown eyes and hair and have skin that tans ver easily. What does this mean?

  22. This article makes it sound like rh is It’s own type. It’s not. Each type A,B,AB, an O are either rh negative or rh positive…

  23. The entire premise of this article is incorrect. RH Negative is not a blood type at all. There are three blood antigens: A, B, and Rh. The presence or lack thereof of these antigens on the surface of red blood cells determine blood type.
    Type A+ = A antigen and Rh antigen
    A- = A antigen
    B = B and Rh
    B- = B
    AB = A, B, and Rh
    AB- = A and B
    O = Rh
    O- = No antigens

    The article confuses O- with Rh-. However, any blood type can hold a negative Rh factor, and roughly 15% of the population does, even though only about 8% truly have no antigens.

  24. I have A- blood and have very brown hair and brown eyes…?

  25. Fits my life to a T. I am RH O-negative.

  26. You described me, and my life to a tee. It explains a lot to.me.

  27. What utter rubbish!
    Even the premise is shot through with statements that are patently untrue.
    Rh is the abbreviation for Rhesus Factor.
    Rh negative means that this specific factor is absent, not a general lack of proteins.
    There are no phenotypic (outwardly apparent) features that separate persons with Rh negative blood. It occurs evenly throughout all of humanity, regardless of location and background, at about 15%.
    The Rhesus Factor occurs in all other mammals, and presumably other vertebrates.

  28. There is an alien theory that moves the origins from Europe to Iran. However those humans may have moved north for survival when the aliens left. The Sumerian “gods” are said to be the Anunaki. Aliens who genetically altered the primitive human ancestors they found in that area and enslaved them to mine gold which the Anunaki needed to replenish the atmosphere of their home planet. When they were ready to leave one faction wanted to destroy the mutants they created, but the geneticist who made them fell in love with his creation and hid them. The Anunaki left and the mutation survived to become part of the normal genetic evolution of earth.

  29. You can read about the fallen angel theory in the book of Enoch. It is a historical book but not from the Bible. The Bible does reference fallen angels sexually interacting with women creating giants. The Bible references them as the sons of Amak or calls the nephilim.

  30. Look i have this blood and carried a child with positive blood at it was rough and caused me some issues but i managed to have a healthy baby. And i am not European lol i have dark hair and dark eyes. I am a native American mix blood. So i believe maybe your scientists need to check there test cause a lot of what was said it wrong.

  31. No expansion needed..

  32. Actually, the whole human angel hybrid had nothing to do with the sons of God or Jesus. They’re nephilim. The half need offspring of angels and humans. Also, Jesus had some kind of relationship with Mary Magdeline. No one knows what kind, but it’s possible his bloodline was passed on, diluted. Same with the Next. The blood line would be way diluted by now. Of course, that’s all based on Christian mythology

  33. Wouldn’t the introduction of Neanderthal blood be a more likely hypothesis for the existence of RH negative than alien blood? Northern European, red hair, etc.? Seems a far more likely source.

    1. Found this article that takes the fun out of speculation and puts the fun in science. : )

  34. The bible also says we are all God’s children. Occam’s razor would suggest that since these same people have all the other genetic markers of the rest of humanity then it stands to reason that the negative Rh factor is merely a genetic mutation resulting from Natural Evolution. The fact of the mother’s body tries to abort the child at the last moment can also be viewed as natural selection. 1 type of mutated human trying to become the dominant species just like we did with Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal and Homosapien. I believe if we were able to travel back in time and observe our own Evolution we would see this same phenomenon happening as we evolved from apes to the Cro-Magnon to the Neanderthal to Homo erectus to homo sapien

  35. In the book of job it say in job 1,6 that the sons of god came to meet with God and satan was with them what do you Ronnie have to say about that

  36. There called the sons of God because Jesus made them in the Creation but when the angels fell from heaven a certain number decided to go into women and the ones that camitted this particular sin are in chains under darkness until the final judgement not all the angels that fell are still roaming the earth

  37. This is just the genetic creation of the genetic for red hair, not alien genes. God people are fucking stupid.

  38. I am RNH

  39. my son was born 35 years ago and I remember him receiving some kind of Rh shot so that he did not wither and die. My own blood is Rh negative yet my son and I are extremely close

  40. In Genesis chapter 6

    When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them,the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.Then the Lord said, “My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.”The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.The Lord saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time.The Lord regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled.So the Lord said,

    The fallen angels would have been the 1/3 that were thrown out of Heaven with Lucifer. When they began to mate with women, it does state that the children were Heroes and men of renown.( demigods) This un pure race of humans would cause the flood and cause creation to be wiped out. You can find references on
    Or reference the Bible in Isaiah, Ezekiel, Revelations. Also Jesus speaking in Mathew, Mark and Luke.

  41. In the Book of John it states “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.He was with God in the beginning.Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. “- John 1:1-5 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=John1:1-5&version=NIV
    Jesus was the Son of God, Adam was created as a child of God and formed from the dust with the breath of life from God. Those that accept Christ are adopted in as children of God.

  42. Interesting theories about the unique nature of RH neg folks. In God’s economy, it seems that folks like me with O neg blood are given a unique way to help others as universal donors. It’s kind of selfless since they can’t receive blood back from most of the people they can donate to. I donate blood regularly and they say many of my donations go to infants because for some reason, they don’t always know their blood type during emergencies.

  43. You do realize when the bible says son of MAN that means ALL men (Men & Women)

    Unfortunately, society has chosen to discard this long held meaning.

  44. This article is trash. Pretty much everything that they are talking about you learn the explanations for in a basic genetics class. The Rh system is another way of classifying blood, and it is used in conjunction with the ABO blood type system (it is the positive or negative part of your blood type). Just like the ABO system it is a measure of whether you have a certain antigen on the surface of your blood cells (you are RH+ if you do) or not (Rh-). This isn’t some magical thing. If you have O blood you just don’t have either the A antigen or the B antigen from that blood system. People with Rh- blood can give blood to anyone (as long as the ABO blood type matches) because they don’t have anything on the surface of the blood cells for antibodies to target. However, they do produce antibodies for the Rh antigen, so their body would attack and destroy any blood that is Rh+, because it would recognize it as a foreign substance. This is the same reason it can create complications for pregnant women. If they have a child that is Rh+, they have antibodies that could attack the blood of the child, because they don’t recognize the antigen on the surface of the cell. Typically the first time the woman has a child there are minimal complications, because they don’t have many antibodies, but afterwards, when their body has encountered Rh+ blood and is producing antibodies against it there are many more complications. Luckily there is good treatment that allows these women to have children in retaliative safety, and it takes advantage of the same antibody/ antigen system. It is also not too surprising that this was initially localized to one area. Separate populations tend to be fairly divergent from one another, genetically speaking, so they tend to develop traits, especially if they are fairly isolated with little interbreeding among the populations. Off the top of my head, I believe the Rh factor is gene that has two alleles and obeys, simple dominant/ recessive inheritance patterns, with Rh- being recessive. This means for a person to be Rh- they have to have two copies of the Rh- allele, and if they have even one copy or the Rh+ allele they will be Rh+. In such a situation it is not surprising to see one isolated population having a higher rate of people with two copies of the recessive allele, because they have many more individuals with the recessive allele, so it is more likely that a child will have two copies of the recessive allele. You don’t see them as much in other regions because there are many more people with the dominant Rh+ allele, which makes it harder for a child to get two Rh- alleles to have the Rh- blood type.

  45. I am interested to hear more on this as I am rh negative.

  46. Sources please? Seems too fantastic to be true.

  47. What sources are you quoting from? This is the most important thing and it’s missing.

  48. Must have been the result of all of them flying saucers landing in Northern Europe so long ago.

  49. hmmm

  50. It’s a dead end of evolution. That’s why pregnancies try to kill it, with no protein in the blood the body can’t physically grow properly.

  51. There are in fact two types of sons of God those of the flesh whom reside on the earth and those that are spirit creatures who reside in heaven with God both are sons of God and both are intelligent beings which owe there very existence to God. Don’t be fooled by those that wish to hide the truth and keep in darkness the bible is quite clear and there was a very good reason why God had to intervene in the days of Noah. His human seed was at risk of being contaminated from abominations it was forbidden he just could not allow this to happen too much was at stake. Those same things that were occurring in Noah’s day are about to occur again only this time it will be final for Satan and his evil associates of this system of things.

  52. Every man after Adam is a son of God all men are the image of God by spirit and every spiritual angle of God is a son of God.

  53. I assume this conspir… sorry theory circles in well established scientific communities. No? Odd that. It seems so… plausible.

  54. I’m a Medical Anthropologist and A-neg to boot. I can tell you that research both current and past into negative allele blood types is sparse. Current DNA sequencing sheds a little more light on the impossibly unique attributes of negative alleles, but with every insight, ten more questions appear.
    Meanwhile mainstream Physical Anthro research (Bones and Stones) continues to largely ignore the importance of the introduction of negative Rhesus factor blood into the
    Homo Sapien bloodlines approximately 40,000 years BP (before present) up through historical antiquity with most University labs unwilling to do anomaly skeletal remains (Ancient Giants, Near East Mummies & European Kings) testing of bone marrow for typing.
    The fact is that blood (red and white cells) is the most difficult type of cell to mutate; while a change from positive to negative through natural selection (or any related evolutionary theory) is impossible.
    This is what fuels the Fallen Angel, Nephilim and Ancient Astronaut speculations.
    The truth is out there, but don’t expect it to be discovered and revealed by either of the parties in our binary Western belief system of Religion or Science. Both have vested interests and neither wants to rewrite their scriptures or textbooks.
    For you negs out there, just know this; you have a much better ability to survive a super-bug, plague, small pox and a host of man made toxic agents. Your brain works at a slightly higher frequency (thus the sensitive-intuitive attributes) and your circadian rhythms are slightly out of whack with the standard earth cycle (the positive side of that is that you can thrive in enclosed spaces for longer than then the pos. types without going bonkers).
    So show a little mercy to your pos. allele half-siblings and take the high road. When crisis comes, jump in and bridge the gap, be the leader, serve when you get the chance because there is a very good possibility that the continued existence of the people around you may one day depend on it.

  55. Yep, with O- blood, I’m the universal donor and the most specific recipient. No red has r, no blue or green eyes. But the rest fits. So, I’m guessing this has as much validity as tailring your diet to your blood type.

  56. I am RH Negative. Had two children and miscarried the third one
    This is very interesting to me. My husband was RH Positive

  57. This is the worst “science” article I’ve ever read. A mixture of a smattering of science mixed with conspiracy theories and belief in aliens. Then you get “angels mating with humans” crap in the comments. Good grief!

  58. With first child, mother needs the injection if child is Rh+ and mother is Rh-.

  59. I am A- with an A- son. I have none of the characteristics, except empathy and compassion part….over load on that! I don’t have red hair or blue or green eyes. I didn’t have difficulty with my pregnancy or delivery of my RH – son! I am not from any tribe! Aliiens? I have thought about them helping create all the technology . There is definitely a link between earth and “There”, but I have zero alien qualities

  60. I have O RH Neg blood and do not have neither blue or green eyes, red hair nor come from Northern Europe. Exception to the rule maybe? Curious.

  61. The progeny of those unions were giants.

  62. My Mother had RH negative blood….. She had dark brown hair..not red or white! She had brown eyes..not blue or green!
    She had 8 healthy children, even a set of twins… No Complications at all with pregnacies or delivery.. In other words” Her own body didn’t try to kill us while she carried us! She also was not cold matured! She was however the warmest, lovingest, sweetest, hardworking Mother and person that God ever created! She has passed on now. Been gone for 12 years now…. If God ever created a perfect Mother” She was Our “Mother”…. Just wanted to share on behalf of RH negative blood !!!
    One thing about it was right’ It is a very rare blood type.

  63. I missed the part where the research came in…

  64. Please continue your explanation Ronnie!

  65. While pregnant with an 6th positive baby and an rh neg mom, I received two additional hip shots. One during pregnancy and one after birth, while in the hospital.

  66. Really crappy job of writing this up – and seriously not scientifically. “With this now we know of an exempt of this natural rule,” Glad I don’t rely on this stuff for any real information.

  67. Bwahahahahahaha

  68. I have rh.negitive blood and go through strange events knowage of dealth before the spirit the energy level in the room or surrounding the person i dream of my angel family member seen things when i was young my daughter has the same bloodline out of 6 of my chilfren she one of a twin her twin is a boy with o positive so and children all have it i have green eyes and always had light hair her she has brown

  69. I’m rh neg and none of this makes any sence at all no blue eyes no red hair the only accurate info was the shot j got when I had my kids that’s it

  70. Except for the eyes and hair and rh neg blood I fit that description. Until I was 5 tho, I had blue eyes and very blond hair. My hair now has been described as having ALL the colors. I’m 63 and it’s not grey. Moms never turned grey and these characteristics were very strong w her. I wonder if there are any studies on that ?

  71. Garbage science! Get out your high school biology books.

  72. O negative is the only negative blood type that is universal. All of the others are not.

  73. One oversimplification, re trying to kill the Rh positive child… That’s only IF she has been sensitized by incubating a previous Rh positive child.
    The other is that Rh negative people do not have Proteins. They do not have one PARTICULAR protein, the Rh Factor 🙂

  74. normally I wouldn’t bother comment on such nonsense but I find this article incredibly dangerous . There are plenty of crazy people out there who potentially might believe this and do harm to someone who is Rh- . Perhaps the author had a tight deadline for this and didn’t do any fact checking or perhaps consulted an old episode of X files.

  75. Out of all the hobbies the modern day world has to offer, you had to choose writing fake scientific articles?

  76. The ‘angels’ the Bible talks about are the Fallen Angels kicked out of heaven because they are evil -such as Satan and those who followed him. Jesus is referred to as the Son of Man because he was born from a woman who was a virgin. The seed of God’s son was placed in her by God himself.
    The fallen angels are the ones the Bible says had children with human women and that is where the giants that lived back in ancient times came from. It’s a possible explanation for the RH factor. But it should not be confused with the birth of Jesus or heavens angels. Only demonic fallen angels.

  77. I can elaborate. Please don’t mock my comment: I only tell you what I have read about it. Ancient legends from all races talk of demi-gods or angels – certainly with wings, who could shape-shift from human to fish/eagle/horse/lion etc (in Sumerian times were called Apkallu) came to Earth in each continent to help the people learn many good things. They were meant to stay celibate but were attracted to the women and ended up procreating with them. The children of these angels by integration of DNA became giants. There were many in those days; some even surviving to Goliath from the bible. Many bones have been found to support this story.
    Legends say that the Gods were not happy with this happening and chose to remove them with a cataclysm. This is now known to have happened in the Younger Dryas period, with the Earth travelling through the tail of a comet, causing much destruction on Earth, known as the Great Fire (explosions in the atmosphere) and the Great Flood (melting of the ice continents). This explains why great ancient constructions (including the pyramids) show signs of a great cataclysm.
    This wiped out most of these angels (and humanity) but a few remained, and they eventually disappeared and the giant children mainly wiped out and hunted down.
    However the note about Jesus I believe may or may not relate to these angels as He also said we were all sons of God, and that we could do even more than He had done. The definition of God takes many forms for many people, but that is all a matter for debate. According to the bible, there were still angels and giants around at the time but not often seen in today’s world.

  78. Strange, I have A- blood and neither my hair is red or my eyes green or blue.

    All of my family to my knowledge has + blood

  79. I have rhO- blood and I had two pregnancies. My first daughter was born 2 weeks before my due date and my second daughter was 3 weeks before her due date, both were over 7lbs. My second daughter was a still born, the doctors said that her blood was poisoning mine. That means that her body was trying to kill mine not the other way around as mentioned in the article

  80. Bonnie could u please explain that again I don’t understand..ty I am rhfactorA-I have 4 children and I had to have the ro-gram shot each time,I am very curious about this..tr

  81. What is this website? Is this a satire site? This has got to be a joke. Zero sources in this article and the author didn’t even write RH correctly– it’s ‘Rh +’ or ‘Rh -‘. This isn’t some unimaginable blood type; it’s another antigen in addition to the ABO blood groups.

  82. Crazy.. I need to know more.. I’m RH negative, green eyes , red hair, I’m an ambidextrous ( both left and right handed. The test for determining right and left brain Dominic imy brain is even there isn’t a Dominic side. One of my eyes is near sighted and one is farsighted and they take turns doing do. I get pain in different parts of my body that is severe and lasts a long while than leaves as fast as it comes just to move to a different part of my body . My Dr are ALWAYS AMAZED AND BAFFLED BY ME . There’s a lot more but I am sick of writing. Please feel free to comment and email me . Thanks, Shelly

  83. Uh…No offense…but youre trying to begin an intelligent conversation and then you….go to the bible….COME ON?!!!

  84. I don’t agree with the descriptions of RH neg people. I’m RH neg and I don’t have red hair, blue or green eyes. Nor am I from northern Europe.

  85. Why must you choose a picture of a person with Albinism and then add horns, When the characteristics of RH blood type is Red hair!!!

  86. Some of this is fact, most is not. Most RH- factor women will deliver an RH- factor child only with their first child. The actual birth is not difficult at all, nor is there any danger to the child. All children born after will be mostly if not all RH+ and this causes health issues more with the mother and not the child. The hospitals will give the mother an injection so her body is not contaminated with RH+. The article does state the RH- factor blood doner can give blood to any other blood type, but only an RH- can give to an RH- person. This is why the mother needs injections with future pregnancies. My ex and his mother are both RH-. Yes, it can be debated that they are from another planet, but that’s a totally different story and my opinion only…. (and not all bad). The writer of this article clearly does not post all the facts and writes the story for the silly side of “out of this world aliens”. If you have any questions or concerns, you can find your answers by going to this website. http://www.acog.org/Patients/FAQs/The-Rh-Factor-How-It-Can-Affect-Your-Pregnancy

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