Recent scientific studies have made a shocking claim that cancer might be a completely man – man disease.

The researchers at the University of Manchester who conducted the study claim that cancer is a consequence of the life we have designed for ourselves as part of modern society. In effect it has nothing to do with the natural order of our planet.

The global cancer statistics are becoming terrifying in the past few decades, and what the UK is experiencing can almost be called a cancer epidemic. With over 150,000 lives lost per year to this horrible disease, official medical predictions claim that one out of every three people in the UK is likely to get cancer in his/her life time. That is a truly daunting notion.

The research in question was based on the thorough study of mummies and fossils. Also, literature was used to provide additional information on the matter. Experts claim that the occurrence and spread of cancer is fueled by the modern society lifestyle. A simple fact of the matter is that tumors were very rare before the rapid industrialization took place that ultimately shaped the way of life we know today.

In other words, it is the polluted water we drink, the air we breathe and the general low quality of our diet that causes cancer. Also, people have become very lazy, they move less and prefer a more sedentary lifestyle.

This study was conducted by taking small tissue samples of thousands of mummies which were then medically examined. The test showed almost no presence of cancer in these people who lived thousands of years before us.

On the other hand, though, some critics claim that the reason why only a single case of cancer was found is because of the short lifespan of the Egyptian people. The assumption is that most people died way too young so we cannot say for sure that cancer wouldn’t have been more prevalent given a few more decades of life.

As a counter argument, the scientists behind this study dismissed the lifespan claim by saying that other medical conditions like brittle bones and artery clotting were found in the mummies. So, other diseases were identified, but almost no cancer.

But why is that? Why was cancer found in just one sample out of thousands? Well, Professor Rosalie David offers an enlightening point of view on today’s cancer crisis:

‘In today’s modern society, cancer is the second most prevalent lethal disease, right after cardiovascular failure. This was very rare thousands of years ago. There is nothing that can be found in nature, that can cause cancer. So the only explanation left is that cancer is man – made. It is a consequence of how we live our lives and the way we set up our society. It’s pollution, lack of physical activities and our food. What we eat is crucial.’

Scientists further explain that such large scale studies are very important because they provide loads of data on this disease throughout the ages. The amounts of data collected gives science a better view of the presence of cancer in the past few millennia.

The chief researcher Michael Zimmerman adds his final thoughts on the legitimacy of the research findings:

‘Back in ancient Egypt, there were no surgical interventions, so there was nothing to remove any malignancies present in the flesh of the mummies. This means that if cancer was more prevalent at that time, we would have discovered signs of it in our study. We found almost nothing.’

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