Generally, many people share a common color experience. Some of them, however, have a condition known as color vision deficiency. This condition makes their perception of colors differ from what most people see. The most severe types of these deficiencies are commonly known as color blindness.

Color blindness is a disorder which makes people unable to see colors as they are, named after the English chemist John Dalton, born in 1766. Dalton himself had problems recognizing colors, just like his brother. He first described the disorder for what it is, and it can appear in several variants.

People who are color blind have a color vision experience that is different from the rest, and some of them might not even be aware of it.

Those with color blindness are not able to notice differences among colors which are obvious to everyone who isn’t color blind. And, apparently, people who do not have a severe type of color blindness may not actually realize they are mildly color blind until they do a screening test for color blindness.

Are you one of those people? While only a test administered by an eye care professional can give you certain results if you’re color blind or not, you can check your color vision by taking this simple quiz. Choose the word that is hidden in the box. But, don’t adjust your monitor, (unless you’re a big-time cheater, which we are sure you’re not).

Now, take the time to find out if you can notice the words on each color panel in this quick color vision quiz. Be sure to tell us your results with us and share this quiz with your friends.

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