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There aren’t too many people who are aware of this, but the Universe is constantly trying to get in touch with us, trying to convey a message.

This is often done through numbers in our everyday lives, so if you are regularly seeing on your clock a number combination like 2:22, 3:33, 14:14, 11:11…it means you need to focus, because the Universe is trying to share something with you.

Most people would dismiss such obvious patterns of repeating numbers as coincidence or simple chance. However, these are obvious patterns of synchronicity and act as couriers of a deeper message sent from the spiritual world.

It is popularly believed that such repeating number patterns reveal a new reality, one that we cannot understand through our daily lives.

The most powerful number is 11, and of all the combination, the powerful is double 11, or 11:11.

Repeatedly seeing this combination is a sign that your internal memory is about to open. Frequent exposure to this number combination will activate distant and perhaps suppressed memories, as this is the Universe’s way of telling you need to remember something from your past, and learn a lesson.

Considered a divine intervention, this is one of the few connections man can experience between the reality of the physical world and the Higher Reality. When you notice this happening, stop for a moment and make a wish, close your eyes and feel everything that you cannot see physically with your eyes

Observing the number 11 more frequently is a sign you are ready to experience the unconditional love of your being and are ready to transcend your current condition of duality and transit into oneness.

That most challenging part is perhaps, understanding that your future revelations will not be delivered to you in words or ideas.

They will come to you as feelings, as internal calmness and through your own state of being. Ultimately, opening yourself up to such experiences will help you develop and fully open your third eye chakra.

Number are not just random occurrence in our lives. All of them represent something in Nature and the Universe. They represent a different level of our spiritual journey on Earth.

The Number 11 represents our birth and it shows us the need for a new beginning in our lives. It is a reminder of something we haven’t finished or something we are yet to begin in order to live our lives the way we were always meant to.

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