Back in the 1960s when the U.S. and the USSR were racing to get into outer space, the U.S. President Eisenhower launched a space program, to keep the country competitive and ahead of the Soviets. This program called Apollo was ran by NASA. Later, John F. Kennedy gave the project its real purpose: achieving the American goal of landing on the Moon. There were 12 missions in the program that occurred from 1969 to 1972. Of those missions, six had successfully landed on the Moon.

Now, that was certainly a small step for man and a giant leap for mankind, but the question arises: did astronaut Neil Armstrong really land on the Moon?!

It is reported in an article of The Guardian from 2011 that:

“Despite the fact that the moon landing conspiracy has been debunked many many many times, it endures. There’s a number of discussions with conspiracy theorists. For example they claim the moon landings were faked as a publicity stunt. “If the moon landing was real, why didn’t they go back?” is one argument used. And apart from the further five times they went back, that’s a fair point. Those other ones were probably publicity stunts too, but they kept those quiet.

“It was a scam to get one over on the Russians” is another argument. Another good point, the USSR and USA were involved in a space race, so the USA decided to cheat to get to the moon first. Sure, the USSR could have disproved their claims if they’d wanted, but they clearly trusted the Americans not to lie. They may have been willing to wipe out the planet over their ideological differences, but when it came to important stuff like space-based contests, they trusted the Americans implicitly.

So why, if the evidence is so damning, does the moon landing conspiracy endure? Well, it’s gone on long enough, someone has to finally come clean…”

Although there is a lot of proof of the Moon landing, a number of people decided not to believe in this story and began developing conspiracy theories. Some claim that the landing was false and that the NASA astronauts have never actually landed on the Moon.

NASA has tolerated these conspiracy theories for more than four decades. Although the missions on the Moon in 2012 showed a video of the tracks of the first astronauts and images of the flags planted in previous missions, conspiracy theories still continue to exist. So, NASA got tired of all the conspiracy theories and decided to fight back. In 2016, the guys at NASA took the step forward to fight every vicious attack and published more than 10, 000 photos from the Apollo Moon Mission on their Flickr account. Behind this project is Kipp Teague of the Project Apollo Archive.

This is truly an incredible collection of more than 10,000 pictures from the manned Apollo missions. The collection includes every single photograph taken by astronauts on the surface of the Moon, some from the journey to the Moon and back, as well as various other photos taken on our planet or in space. The images are revealed in their raw, original form in high-resolution of 1800 dpi. By this, NASA proved the landings to be true, honoring the heroes who risked their lives for humanity and science.

Blurry faces of the astronauts, stunning lunar sights, and iconic moonwalking images – they are all there for everyone’s admiration. So be sure to share this article with all that are fascinated by the Apollo Moon missions. They would surely enjoy the sight of these images!

In addition, take a look at the video below that speaks about 10 REASONS WHY PEOPLE BELIEVE THE MOON LANDING IS A HOAX. Are you one of them?

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