When we think of relationships, marriage and brake ups we often think of issues such as love, commitment, faithfulness, compatibility and so on. However, we rarely think something can go wrong even when all the pieces fit and all of the conditions are right.

The harsh truth behind break ups and deciding to leave a man is that women often leave men that they love!

I’m of course not talking about women who are too occupied with their careers, women who forget about their obligations as a wife or women who even neglect their families. Hats off to men who hold their strength when being faced with such a situation.

However, now I am talking about women who are devoted to their families. These women leave men that they love because of the LACK OF THEIR PRESENCE.

This problem is the one which is talked about the most between couples and marriage counselors. Again, stopping just to emphasize that I am talking about hard working, devoted to their families men and not about men who behave improperly in any kind of way.

These are men who go to work, go to fishing or golf, have a poker night with their guys, like watching TV, gaming and the list goes on. They are nice people, kind spouses and good fathers but they take their partners for granted, they are not truly present for their wives.

Due to their everyday obligations they have forgotten how to sit down, look deep into their partner’s eyes and stare until they feel what the other one is feeling, until they feel connected. There is nothing sadder then to see women who are in love with their husbands and still feel as if they could easily be swept off their feet by another man due to the lack of attention. There is nothing more satisfactory for a woman than to feel her man alive besides her, feeling his passion for life, knowing that he wants to hear her fears and anxieties and comforting her instead of simply nodding when she talks.

When children are in question, it is advised that both partners, especially women, remember that even though their children are now their priority, that they also have their partners in life and that they need to earn their love and attention each day!

So, for all man out there who have become so caught up in their daily activities and in their pursuit for a better future for their families, remember not to forget about the most important thing, the connection to their life partners.

Try being mindful and present just for 5 to 10 minutes per day with your wife. Try really looking into her eyes and seeing what’s in her soul, try really feeling the touch of her skin, talk to her about your feelings, let her share hers and give unconditional love for just those 5 minutes. It’s not much work and it WILL make the world of change! Being mindful and concentrated is also a deeply spiritual thing and not only it will make the relationship between you and your wife stronger, it will also help YOU feel calmer, more down to earth and focused, thus forming conditions for you to be a good partner, father and person.


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