In 2016, manufacturers of selfie mini drones began to use the folding construction of the hull in their products. These foldable selfie drones are much more compact and almost not inferior in terms of functionality to full-size drones. The trend did not pass by the largest producer of mini drones on the market – DJI.

Our review of the DJI Mavic Pro will prove to you that small dimensions are not a hindrance for a good selfie quadcopter. Moreover, this innovative selfie recording drone is in many respects similar to drones of the top line Phantom, from which the main technical solutions migrated.

Features of the DJI Mavic Pro Mini Drone

The size of the Mavic Pro is almost half the size of the flagship model Phantom 4 drone. The body of the DJI Mavic Pro is folded into a neat unit that fits easily in a bag or even a large pocket. When folded, you do not need to remove the propellers as they are fixed to strong flexible fasteners.

Other features:

  • Intelligent gesture management system;
  • Automatic flight modes;
  • Compatible with 1080p FPV glasses from DJI;
  • Definition of living and non-living objects;
  • 3-axis stabilization system of the camera;
  • The possibility of connecting two transmitters at once.


The Mavic Pro is packed into a comfortable white box with a black handle. Inside the package you will find:

  • DJI Mavic Pro drone + transmitter;
  • Battery of 3830 mAh + charger;
  • Fastening of the camera suspension;
  • Three pairs of retractable propellers;
  • Transparent protective cap;
  • 16 GB MicroSD;
  • Cables: 2x microUSB, 1x Lightning;

Main characteristics

  • Material: ABS plastic;
  • Dimensions: 83x83x198 mm;
  • Weight: 743 g;
  • Flight time: up to 27 minutes;
  • Battery: lithium polymer, 3830 mAh, charging time – 60 minutes.
  • Remote control: power supply – built-in battery for 2970 mAh, working frequency – 2.4 GHz.

Appearance of the DJI Mavic Pro

The rotors of the drone are fixed on rigid hinges, which allow the entire structure to be folded into recesses on the body. Each such fastening can turn almost 180º in different planes. In order to assemble the drone, no tools are required, and the preparation for the flight takes only a few seconds.

The makers tried to embody the typical features of modern military equipment into the design of their Mavic Pro DJI drones. It is placed at different angles of the surface, with aggressive outlines and design of a stealth fighter.

The battery is attached to the compartment in front of the Mavic Pro foldable drone. The upper part is an element of the drone’s control panel. Here is located the button for activating the device, a single click on which the LEDs highlight indication of a battery charge.

The “eyes” of this mini drone protrude along the sides of the frontal overlap. In two small depressions are built-in obstacle detection cameras with a range of up to 15 meters. Under them is fixed a transparent hood for hanging the camera. Although it is very easy to remove, the instruction recommends flying with protection, since a strong gust of wind can disrupt the operation of the lens stabilizer.

The microSD card can be inserted into the slot on the side edges. There is also a control mode switch (transmitter or smartphone).

At the bottom is a radiator grille with chambers and sonar. Together with two front sensors, they form one collision avoidance system.

The LED status indicator is located at the rear. It reports various problems with the drone with several variants of flashing. On the front beams of the selfie quadcopter, there are small landing legs with built-in antennas.

The propellers of the drone are made of a durable material that withstands greater loads than the material of conventional propellers. They are compactly stacked on the body so that in inactive state nothing sticks out from the drone.


The technical characteristics of the Mavic Pro motors are practically the same as the ones in samples of the Phantom 4 drones. There are only small differences in achieving the maximum speed threshold. In ideal conditions, the selfie drone can accelerate to 82 km/h. In practice, this figure is lower because of the constant wind.

Mavic Pro is first and foremost, an excellent selfie shooting drone. It cannot compete in dynamics with racing drones, but it performs the tasks assigned to it with full efficiency.

Ideal Camera For Selfie Shots

The lens of the drone is not removable and suspiciously small. But, despite the size, it gives very good results. Inside, a 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor of the same model as the Phantom 4 drone is used. The camera can shoot 4K selfie videos at a rate of 30 frames per second. In Full HD you can get up to 100 fps with the possibility of slow motion.

The viewing angle of the photo equipment is 78 degrees. The aperture of the lens is slightly higher than the flagship model – f / 2.2 versus f / 2.8. Accordingly, the selfie images in the dark became brighter, and the amount of noise is significantly diminished. Photography in RAW format is supported.

Recording of selfie videos is possible in one of two modes. In the automatic mode, most of the parameters of the frame are controlled by the camera itself based on the readings of the sensors. In the manual mode, the user himself can set the exposure by adjusting the sensitivity and holding.

Excellent stabilization is possible due to the triaxial suspension of the camera. Among all drones from DJI, this is the smallest component of the Mavic Pro. Nevertheless, the technical characteristics of the system do not differ from most top selfie drones.


Externally, the transmitter looks more like a controller from a game console. It is equipped with its own monochrome display, which displays basic data about the state of the drone. The bottom edge of the drone is laid out as a vertical mount for smartphones with a screen diagonal up to 6 inches.

The remote control is powered by its own built-in battery of 2970 mAh. The charge lasts for several days of active use. At the bottom, there is a USB connector for recharging the smartphone. The operating frequency of the signal is 2.4 GHz.

This foldable selfie quadcopter can be controlled by a smartphone. However, in this mode, the height (up to 50 meters), the flight range (up to 80 meters) and the speed (maximum 14 km / h) are limited. This is due to the range of the mobile device’s Wi-Fi module.

Flight quality

Despite the relatively high price, the Mavic Pro selfie making drone can be a great start for a beginner in piloting mini drones. There is an automatic takeoff/landing, automatic tracking by GPS and an obstacle avoidance system. Even if the user does not manage to maneuver a departure from a dangerous collision, the Mavic Pro will itself steer along the desired trajectory.

Available modes of flight:

Active Track – automatic fixation and tracking of the object. It’s enough to select the target on the screen, and the selfie mini quadcopter immediately becomes attached to it. You can also draw its attention by simply waving your hands. If you fold your fingers into the frame, the drone will count down the image.

TapFly – flight to the point indicated on the screen. During the movement in the automatic process, you can intervene by simply deflecting the sticks;

FlightAutonomy – automatic avoidance of obstacles. The system though works without blunders, but not all-powerful. A weak spot is the back of the drone, where there are no sensors.

The selfie recording drone is packed in a comfortable white box with a black handle. On the front side there is an image of the Mavic Pro itself, its main technical characteristics are given from the back.


A lithium-polymer battery of 3830 mAh under ideal conditions gives about 27 minutes of battery life with. In practice, the time is reduced to about 23 minutes. The power reserve of the selfie quadcopter drone is 8 kilometers in normal mode.

The battery is charging relatively quickly. For a full cycle of charging is spent no more than one hour. On its surface there are several indicators that show the current state of the battery.


The price of the DJI Mavoc Pro, despite the compact size of this selfie mini quadcopter, is very high, but still lower than that of many other DJI mini drones. There are two versions of the Mavic Pro mini drone on sale. The minimum configuration of the drone, which does not include the remote control, costs only 749$. If you need a complete set of the drone along with the remote control, then you will have to pay 999$ for it.

Advantages of DJI Mavic Pro Based On Reviews

Among the advantages of the DJI Mavic Pro in comparison to other foldable mini selfie drones is to highlight the rich legacy of the company DJI in the form of many worked out and established flight modes. The most important thing is that for the autopilot tracking mode there is no need to use any additional devices like trackers, bracelets and even a remote, as you only need to select an object once using the application on your smartphone. The unconditional dignity this foldable mini drone can be called its dimensions and the foldable structure. They allow you to fit it in the palm of your hand when folded, and without fear of sending it to your backpack for a long period of time.

Another plus of the design is the lack of physical protection, which significantly reduces the aerodynamic properties of the flying object. The protection is completely software and is based on the use of sonar and cameras, as in the Phantom 4 drone. It is perfected and now this mini drone can automatically rise in front of inclined objects such as mountain slopes or stairs, smoothly rising and lowering after the monitored moving object. In total, the design provides 2 sonars and 5 simultaneously working cameras. The main advantage of this selfie mini quadcopter can be considered its range of 7 kilometers, which is a record for the company. At this distance, the DJI Mavic Pro continues to receive a signal from the equipment via a modernized data link. This is especially convenient since at maximum speed the drone can fly 18 m/s, which in recalculation gives 64.8 km/h.

Another innovation that the company introduced into the DJI Mavic Pro is a system for recognizing gestures. With their help, you can change the focus of the camera from one object to another and even make an aerial chart with just one gesture without using the equipment and the need to unfold in front of the camera, because the drone will find the right position for optimal shooting. The positioning system uses simultaneously all available systems of the drone, including sensors working on GPS and GLONASS maps. This made it possible to make the return to the launch point more accurate, i.e. takeoff and landing are made exceptionally clearly. The processing quality of the information received from sensors provides 24 computing cores.

This selfie foldable drone has a special advantage for bloggers and active users of social networks, because it can process selfie video during flight, broadcast to a personal channel or create posts in the news feed. In this case, the gesture system can also be used. If you are such a person, then you will definitely enjoy having one of these selfie foldable drones.



  • Folding housing;
  • High range and autonomy;
  • Clever obstacle clearance system;
  • Management of gestures;
  • Excellent stabilization of the frame.


  • The camera’s protective cap impairs the quality of the selfie picture;

Mavic Pro is compulsory for purchase by avid travelers who enjoy taking selfie images and videos. For a high price tag, they can get almost a pocket drone for selfie shots with impressive functionality. The device is also suitable for beginners in selfie making, as its numerous sensors will prevent any collision with obstacles.

The only drawback we found was deterioration of the quality of the selfie image due to the camera plastic protection. It is easily removed and with good flight conditions, it is possible to use the Mavic Pro without protection, whereas in the case of strong wind its presence is necessary for the correct operation of the stabilization system.

If you are interested in browsing more models of foldable mini drones that will offer you excellent quality of your selfie recordings, go to the following link:


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