Projectors nowadays enable you to watch anything your heart desires such as games, movies, videos and all that on a big-screen of 100 inches. And it’s not even as expensive as you might think. You can actually buy a decent projector for around 400 dollars. As such, there are home theater projectors which are most suitable for home entertainment and business portable projectors for giving presentations which make them distinctly different.

Projector Applications

In addition to home theater and business projectors, there are certain multi-use projectors which can handle both PowerPoint presentations in the office as well as movies at home. For instance, take a look at one such mini HQ LED projector which is suitable for videos, photos, games as well as business presentations. However, this doesn’t mean that a certain video projector that delivers a great presentation will always deliver a great home theater experience. This is due to the fact that both types of projectors have to meet certain requirements in their use which can only be fulfilled if the video projector is designed especially for that purpose.

The Difference

Video projectors are favorites among movie buffs. And with a good reason too as the digital projector can produce a large image for a reasonable price. You can simply connect your DVD or Blu-ray disc and you’ll have the most amazing cinematic feel. On the other hand, these days, the mini projector has also become quite a popular choice for setting up your cinema at home since it’s small enough for you to carry it anywhere you want. Though it won’t replace your TV or a full-sized projector, it’s worth trying it.

In a similar manner, there are digital multimedia projectors which are more than perfect for giving presentations. They have the ability to deliver huge bright images under a normal ambient light. Just plug in your laptop or smartphone and you’re just one step away from having the most amazing presentation in the world! As such, both the pico projector and the pocket projector are excellent options if you want to show something to a group of people. You can forget about heavy and cumbersome devices as these are small and lightweight. Be sure to look on myMobile Gear as it’s known for its top-quality gadgets.

It’s important to note that different projectors are needed for these two different areas. Certain requirements between the two are very important. Read on below about the most important features.

Important features


The brightness level indicates the level of light thrown out by the projector. Brightness is a lot more important for giving presentations as many take place in conference rooms with standard office lighting instead of low ambient light. What this means is that the image needs to be bright enough to be seen, because otherwise it would look washed out.

A brightness rating of 2000-2500 lumens should be fine for small presentation rooms. You just have to have in mind that the required level of brightness depends on the projected screen size, the level of ambient light etc. When it comes to small projectors, both the pico and pocket projector tend to be of low brightness with the latter being far brighter than the former.

On the other hand, a high-brightness level is not important with home theater projectors. Thus a projector which produces 1000 lumens should suffice for a 2D viewing. But, if you aim for a 3D viewing, you would need a brighter projector (1800-2400 lumens).


If you’re a road warrior, you probably need a light and small projector. Traveling businessmen will want to connect a small portable projector to a computer or laptop and project an image on a large screen or wall for presentations. You may be able to find one at myMobile Gear which offers lots of other gadgets as well.

Speaking of small projectors, both the pico and pocket projector tend to be of low brightness with the latter being far brighter than the former. In addition, the pocket projector has a higher resolution than the pico projector which makes it more suitable for presentations. They generally weigh a few pounds and go along with carrying cases and wireless remote controls.

On the other hand, a portable projector is of no great importance for the home theater setup. You usually need a fixed place for the projector and the best spot is on the ceiling. Thus, you will need to do some planning beforehand how to connect your projector with the rest of the home theater gear.


In addition to all the previous attributes, it’s crucial that your projector is equipped with the appropriate inputs which allow you to connect your laptop and PC or HDTV set-top-box. With technology advancing each day, the capabilities of pocket and pico projectors are constantly expanding. As of recently, they’re equipped with HDMI, mini HDMI jacks, card slots, S-video inputs, USB inputs etc. If you need to buy USBs and other gimmicks, you will surely find them at myMobile Gear.


Even though a minimum level of contrast is important in order to perceive a sufficiently bright image, it’s not an important attribute for presentation application or for home use if you use the projector in your room with the lights on.  You should aim for a higher contrast ratio as long as the viewing at home takes place under dimmed lighting.


The projector’s native resolution should ideally match the resolution of the content you’ll be displaying most frequently. This is definitely the most important projector attribute that differentiates these two types of a projector. Projectors with SVGA resolution support 800 x 600 pixels and are the least expensive. On the contrary, XGA supports 1024 x 768 pixels which are the best resolution requirement if you need to present in a small room. Higher resolution SXVGA which supports 1280 x 1024 pixels may be needed if you want to show finer details in graphics.

The pocket projector is actually moving up to the same resolution as most of the business projectors, including XGA, SVGA, and WXGA. It generally has a higher resolution than the pico projector, from VGA to wide XVGA.


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