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With the global financial crisis having no end in sight, many young adults and potential homeowners are having very difficult time coming up with the best accommodation plans that best suits their needs, and the budget. Good paying jobs are becoming increasingly difficult to get, and with skyrocketing interest rates on bank loans, the majority have found themselves in a situation with few viable options. Increasing rent prices in most urban areas isn’t really helping either. Fueled by the harsh realities of the market, the business entrepreneurship’s response was a solution aimed predominantly at the younger generations – welcome the shipping container homes.


These homes are not what you might be used to in your local urban landscape, but give it a second glance and you will see some truly positive sides of this accommodation model. Inside your average shipping container home there is beautiful furniture, quality wooden floors, windows and all the rest of modern day comforts. The best part is you won’t have to break the bank to get one. The tough to get good paying jobs, volatile economy and the rising prices of purchasing/renting a home have made small ready produces shipping homes a very realistic option for young adults.


Add the affordable prices starting at around 24,000 dollars and it is easy to see why they are becoming more and more popular. Understandably, given the build design, people have raised the question of insulation. What are temperatures going to be inside this type of home in the extremes of summer and winter. With modern building techniques and materials, these containers can withstand and keep out both the summer heat and winter cold, and with its metal construction they offer better protection than most traditional homes against extreme winds, storms and tornados.


So now, let’s talk numbers. Starting at around $24,000, most homes are being built with the size of 160 square feet or 200 square feet. At the lower end, one can expect a single room setup with a shower and a kitchen, but even though initially this concept was thought out as a minimalist design for living, you don’t necessarily need to hold back on size when ordering one for yourself.


There are bigger options available, and private contractors will put together several containers and build a bigger home for you, at the right price. Here, as in everything else in life, you get what you pay for so going bigger will come with a higher cost but getting the equivalent of a 400 square feet fully furnished house will only cost you in the neighborhood of $60,000 if you opt for fully furnished prefab container home.


Compare that to the average prices of $323,000 for owning a similar traditional house and the numbers become very clear. In addition, these homes are fully customizable, coming in with building blocks as your basis and excellent wall and roof insulation straight from the production line. You also have options available for further adding to your insulation should you see fit. Adding a roof is not necessary as the homes come fully covered and insulated, however you should bear in mind that putting several containers together does tend to weaken the roof structure so if that is the model you would go for, adding a roof will be a good option for you.

That is by no means a problem, as these futuristic accommodation solutions are as versatile and customizable as you can imagine, with only your imagination and ingenuity being the real obstacle.

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