Today’s madness makes it difficult for us to detect whether a person is fake or genuine. It’s not just the people we are in some king of a professional relationship, which might make it easier for us if they betray us, even though the hurt is inevitable. But what happens when we are in doubt about the influence of a close person in our life, or when we meet new people and we can’t decide if they are authentic or just playing the game of a good friend in order to make a good impression or are in need of a favor.

Well fortunately, in those types of situations there are some pretty simple and easy ways through which you can find out more about the real intentions of the people around you. According to psychologists, there are many behaviors which are typical for fake people and people who are trained experts in the area of psychology and human behavior can easily find out if a person is lying or being fake.

Here are the simplest and basic 8 ways in which you can distinguish and immediately make a difference between a person who is sincere and a dishonest or a fake one:


  1. Fake people RESPECT ONLY PEOPLE WITH POWER. Genuine people on the other hand respect everyone. This is so because genuine people have no hidden intentions or an agenda when making friendships and they are less likely to think about the benefits from getting involved in a new friendship. Fake people respect only the authorities which are worthy according to their criteria, and most of the time those are people with power because once involved with powerful people, the probability of us getting a “piece of the pie” is very high. So beware of this first sign.


  1. Fake people CRITICIZE OTHERS and this is so because most of the time they want to make themselves look better. You see, when you lack skills, abilities and positive characteristics sometimes the easiest thing to do is to belittle the people around you, thus making yourself look great. The truth is in fact quite opposite. Your qualities as a person won’t magically enhance as you criticize others and what’s more, your reputations as a gossiper will make it difficult for you to attract new opportunities for you. Genuine people do the contrary, they admire people who deserve respect (due to their life achievements) and they praise others!


  1. Fake people GOSSIP! Gossiping is one of the easiest ways to detect fake people as they DO NOT make exceptions. It is naïve to think that they are gossiping someone else and not you in front of other people. They feed on other people’s “mistakes” in lives, they exaggerate them and this is only because of the lack of real content in their lives. Genuine people express their opinions openly not feeling afraid of being judged, they are authentic and they stand for what they’ve claimed.


  1. Fake people are NICE ONLY WHEN THEY HAVE AN AGENDA. They have thought of a plan through which they can benefit from a situation in some way and they put on the mask of a kind person. For genuine people, this type of behavior is normal.


  1. Fake people LIKE SHOWING OFF. People who are more sincere and open tend not to be in the center of attention, they try to be humble and they always think of others and how they might be feeling at the moment. Showing off means deliberately showing you have more or are better than others which certainly does not make people in your vicinity feel good. Being successful is something which can easily be seen even without bragging and if it’s done humbly, it can serve as a great inspiration for others.


  1. Fake people TRY HARD TO MAKE PEOPLE LIKE THEM. Genuine people are authentic because they are aware of the fact that you can not be liked by EVERYONE. This makes them comfortable in their own shoes and thus they attract even more people around them.


  1. Fake people MAKE PROMISES WHICH THEY DO NOT KEEP. Sincere people know the importance of trust and they always try to keep up to their commitments. Lying about what you are going to deliver is a typical way of manipulation.


  1. Fake people are ATTENTION SEEKERS. They crave attention as is feeds they EGO. Sincere and genuine people don’t try to stand out and are still humble even when being praised. They’ve learned that a big ego can also get you into big trouble and that being wise is the most important quality you can obtain as a person.



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