Ever since the beginning of the human race, man has been facing one health problem after another. Interestingly, one of the most problematic and faulty human organs are the eyes and teeth. Have you noticed how many people around you have a problem (or problems) in at least one of these areas?

Used extensively, faulty by natural design and vulnerable to external influences, man has had to challenge its own primitive ways to tackle these health issues.

Today we have so much easier, especially without teeth. Modern science has provided us with numerous solutions to each dental problem, however, it wasn’t always so easy.

Before the advanced instruments and lasers, we had traditional remedies and luckily for us, they are still available as an alternative to some dental visits.

Especially when it comes to managing dental pain. We are all familiar with tooth pain and its unpleasantness. It can be caused by a variety of factors like tooth cavity, losing a filling, infection, gum disease, tooth fracture etc.

Here are some tooth ache treatments you can have or do at home:


  1. Clove Oil


This oil contains high dosage of eugenol, a substance with anesthetic properties that is widely used in modern dentistry when performing more invasive operations. Make the best use of it by mixing a tea spoon of coconut oil and a few drops of clove oil, and then apply to the painful area.

Another way is by chewing a few cloves on the side where you experience pain, next to the affected teeth. Soon after you feel a tingling sensation, throw away the cloves and wash out your mouth.


2.Peppermint tea


Study shows peppermint oil to be a very effective antiseptic substance against oral infections and diseases.

Drink peppermint tea made of at least 1 spoon of peppermint leaves soaked in for at least 20 minutes. This also helps with bad breath and headaches.




Considered to be a true medicinal powerhouse with a long list of health benefits, garlic finds its use in stopping tooth pain as well. Garlic is best used raw, as this superfood does not handle heat very well. First you need to squash two cloves of garlic and leave them for about 10 minutes.

After, you can mix them with some salt and apply to painful area or even chew this garlic – salt mix. Repeat as many times as you need


  1. Turmeric mixture


With this mixture you will be taking full use of the superpower abilities of turmeric and coconut oil to tackle infections. It can also alleviate irritations, redness and bad breath. Use a tablespoon of coconut oil, a tea spoon of turmeric powder and a couple of drops of peppermint oil.


– First you need to mix the ingredients well


– Put your toothbrush in some water and then dip in the mix


– Brush your teeth as you do every day, normal motion


– Let it rest for a few minutes


– Spit and wash your mouth. You can repeat this on a daily basis.



  1. Plain old salt water


A simple solution of hot water and some salt to clean your mouth and relieve throat pain. It is also very good to clean any food leftovers and reduce swelling.

Run the water mix through your mouth for at least 30 seconds before you spit, for ideal results.


6 Essential oils


With numerous studies showing the effectiveness of essential oils to be on par with chlorhexidine mixtures when it comes to dental cleaning and bacteria prevention, here are a few types of oils to consider:


– Spearmint


– Peppermint


– Clove


– Myrrh


– Tea Tree Oil


In conclusion however, we must mention the importance of maintaining proper and regular oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day and consider flossing too, as it provides the next level of cleanness.

Take good care of your teeth, be mindful of your diet and together with some of the traditional remedies we just shared with you, you will be pain free, bursting with confidence and smiling all day long.


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