People with Anxiety Disorders (AD) have difficulties when it comes to handling even everyday life obligations, as they tend to overthink and/or sometimes get anxious even for the smallest of stuff. However, just as blind or deaf people have their other senses tuned up and aligned to nature so that they can easily feel and sense things that ordinary people wouldn’t, so do people with anxiety disorders have some “superpowers”

Without further ado, here are the 5 most common supernatural abilities that people with anxiety have:

  1. They are EXTREMLY EMPATHETIC. The first reason this is so is because as they are suffering from panic, anxiety, stress and so on, they can empathize more easily with people who also suffer, regardless of their reasons. And the second reason they are extremely empathetic is because they can feel other people’s energies and emotions so much that it actually bothers THEM if someone ELSE is feeling unhappy. They might even try to cheer someone up just for the sake of good vibrations and emotions in the room!
  2. They have a VERY WELL DEVELOPPED life-saving instinct, or ANIMAL INSTINCT. One of the reasons why they are dealing with anxiety is because of this trait of theirs. They can sense physical danger or intuit a bad event or situation coming up, which makes them great protectors for themselves and for the ones around them.
  3. They are LIE DETECTORS. Even if the story of their interlocutor is logical and reasonable, backed up with data and facts, if it is not true, they WILL sense it. They have highly developed intuition and they can feel sincerity as well as dishonesty.
  4. They can SENSE THE ENERGY OF OTHER PEOPLE. This is connected to their intuition and their ability to empathize. For most people it takes time to gain trust in others, or they need physical proof that they are with people who truly care about them, but not for people with anxiety. As soon as somebody is in their vicinity, they can sense their energy. A feeling of discomfort or disease might suggest for them that the person is negative, fake, dishonest, has bad intentions and so on. If they feel comfortable around someone, they simply follow their gut feeling and stay.
  5. And last but not least, they have a HIGH IQ! This is not a surprise as they are known for their overanalyzing each situation or person and for their brains working non-stop. They might know even various outcomes of hypothetical situations, as they already have thought them through. Anxious people being super smart is something that has also been backed up by researchers from SUNY Downstate Medical Centre in NY.

So, people with anxiety disorders are not to be underestimated, they are highly sensitive and the era that we are living in, does not send a lot of positive information and vibrations to their sensitive souls and over-active brains. However, if you do encounter or already have a person in your life who struggles with this condition, encourage them to do meditation, as it is the most legitimate and scientifically proven method for quieting the mind!


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