The race for money, capitalism and the need for power are probably the culprits of today’s rise in mental diseases, regardless of their level of severity. Conditions like OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficiency Disorder) have become an ordinary part of our everyday lives, especially at small children, due to their lack of ability for focus and attention.

With this being said, if we can not or still haven’t decided to start practicing meditation, yoga or some other technique which will help us enhance our concentration abilities and will lower the levels of stress and anxiety, we have to learn how to live with these conditions or deal with people who might be suffering from anxiety and stress.

So, here are 13 things you should expect when dealing with a person who has anxiety, these might also help you to detect whether a person is suffering from anxiety or not.

  1. Expect to LEARN HOW TO LISTEN. People with anxiety have no problem with making decisions, as they tent to overanalyze things and can really make the right call for most of the things in their lives, but they tent to get stresses if they don’t vent out all of their thoughts. So learn how to simply listen without judging or trying to figure out a solution.
  2. EXPECT TO BE APPRECIATED FOR THE LITTLE THINGS. People with anxiety notice everything and will appreciate even if you’ve put on their favorite perfume on you, especially for them.
  3. Expect them to HAVE FIRM BOUNDARIES. They might need some alone time, just to arrange all of the thoughts and confusion in their minds.
  4. Expect a DEEP BOND. They don’t let everyone in their inner world, so once you’ve showed that you are worthy of their time, expect the trust between you to grow and for your relationship to deepen.
  5. Expect them to MAKE THE ATMOSPHERE. Yes, they need to feel comfortable, so anxiety management techniques and accessories such as essential oils, breathing techniques, soothing music and candles might come in handy when meeting with people with anxiety.
  6. Expect them to want STABILITY RATHER THEN DRAMA. Especially when in a romantic relationship with a person with anxiety problems, they do like passion and romance as much as everyone else, but when it comes to drama and quarrels, they just can’t handle it very well. So keep that in mind!
  7. Expect to be “asked for” REASSURANCE. Again, they need to feel comfortable, they MUST know that you won’t harm them, that you love them and that you also feel good, comfortable and loved around them.
  8. Expect to COMMUNICATE HONESTLY. Holding back, being vague about your feelings, keeping them into obscurity or lying to them will only make them feel even more anxious, so just be honest!
  9. Expect WEIRD SLEEPING PATTERNS. They have created a way for them to feel safe while they are sleeping, so don’t try to change their habits as they’ve probably struggled with or are still suffering from insomnia.
  10. Expect A LOT OF LISTS. In order for them to feel relaxed, they have to have things organized and planned, so expect them to have itineraries for even the simplest and most mundane everyday obligations.
  11. Expect NOT HAVING A SOLLUTION FOR THEIR PROBLEMS. Dealing with anxiety is exhausting and they know it, but sometimes simply let them be, even if they are panicking. Encourage them to breathe slowly, stay calm and offer them a comforting hug.
  12. Expect for them to ask you to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. They need someone who is stable so that they won’t have to think about your wellbeing too!
  13. Expect to TRY OTHER METHODS OF DEALING WITH ANXIETY. They will be more then will to try anything. As I stated earlier, there are techniques which have been proven to do the thing, such as yoga and meditation, especially the latter, as on a mental level it helps a person to stay calm for longer periods of time and on a physical level it regenerates the nervous system, which means that they might even cure their condition.




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